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Prescription Writing and Hospital Management Software

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  1. 1. Prescription Writing and Hospital Management Software Step by step Installation Procedure Dr.Javed Iqbal M.B.,B.S M.R.C.G.P.[Intl]
  2. 2. Download HMS zip package from homepage of
  3. 3. Unzip package file
  4. 4. Files in the package • 1- HMS_EVALUATION SETUP FILE(Main Program setup file) • Jamil Nastaliq font(Urdu font for doses and instructions) • Urdu Phonetic keyboard(To type Urdu data in program fields) • AccessImagine(Plugin to capture pictures direct on Registration or prescription forms) • Supporting file for MS Access(To enable right click options in program) • Databank(Central databank to which all users will link for data sharing) • Readit.txt(Short instructions for installation.
  5. 5. Installation sequence • 1.If MS Access is not running on your windows, you need to install MS Access Runtime 2007. Download from this link us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=4438 2- Install all files one by one. 3- Copy “Databank folder and put it in a folder which you will share over the local network.
  6. 6. Put Databank folder in a shared folder
  7. 7. Run HMS_EVALUATION Setup File
  8. 8. Accept the agreement
  9. 9. Click on “browse” to select Program Files folder
  10. 10. Select Program Files Folder
  11. 11. Click Next
  12. 12. Click “Yes” and then “Next”
  13. 13. Ckeck to create desktop icon
  14. 14. After selecting checkbox click on “Next”
  15. 15. Installation finished.Click on “Finish”
  16. 16. A message prompts that you are not linked to any databank.Click on “Ok”
  17. 17. A new message appears.Click on “Yes”
  18. 18. A window opens to navigate to your databank.
  19. 19. Recall the location where you put your databank earlier in a shared folder
  20. 20. Select Databank Folder and open it
  21. 21. Nothing shown in the folder.Click on “Access Database....” near “Open Button”
  22. 22. Now you can see Databank File in the folder.Select it and click on “Open”
  23. 23. You get message that all tables have been reconnected successfully.Click on “Ok”
  24. 24. Close the program.
  25. 25. Now open the program from desktop icon
  26. 26. A login form appears.Select or type “Admin” in pink box.Enter password “admin” and click on “login”
  27. 27. Click on “Go Ahead”
  28. 28. Program opens.Installation is complete.Navigate to desired menu.