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Media Streams in IOT via WebRTC

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1. Impact of IOT and connected devices
2. Timeline for Inter of things
3. Enablers like Ipv6, sensors , Moores Law ,
4. Streaming Multimedia
5. WebRTC
6. Building Home surveillance
7. Ramudroid
8. Bottlenecks for media Streaming

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Media Streams in IOT via WebRTC

  1. 1. Media Streams in IOT Girls in Technology , powered By @altanai In collaboration with Campus Diaries , Workbench Projects & Lean In chapter
  2. 2. Hello! 4 Years in Telecom Industry 1 Year in R&D on Media Codecs ,IOT and Robotics Inventor of Ramudroid and author of WebRTC Integrator’s Guide. Frequently write , discuss and contribute to Open source software. Website : You can find me at @altanai I am Altanai
  3. 3. “ Contents 1. Impact of IOT 2. Timeline 3. Enablers 4. Streaming Multimedia 5. WebRTC 6. Building Home surveillance 7. Ramudroid 8. Bottlenecks for media Streaming
  4. 4. Impact of IOT Monitoring Control Optimization Automation It can be part of engineering , manufacturing , field services , from plants to oil fields , from roadways and smart cities to utilities
  5. 5. Timeline Journey and statistics I T @altanai
  6. 6. RADIO, WIRELESS AND REMOTE CONTROL Nikola Tesla created a basic design for radio and on November 8, 1898 he patented a wireless radio controlled robot-boat Source :
  7. 7. Only 47 years ago , on 29 October 1969 ,the first message was sent over the ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet.
  8. 8. Nov. 26, 1974: Liberty Bank offers ATM demonstrations In retrospect ATM machines were one of the first IOT devices in 1974. source:http://history.
  9. 9. “1999 , British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton used the term Internet Of Things, while working at Auto-ID Labs (originally called Auto-ID centers, referring to a global network of objects connected to radio-frequency identification, or RFID).
  10. 10. Today 2016 Connected Vehicle Google Self driven cars Tesla spark Wearable Tech Watches ( fitbit , apple watch ) Smart Glasses BLE tags GPS shoes Home appliances Smart TV, fridge , washing machine , lights , etc Smart Cities Power grid Transporation ecommerce
  11. 11. 2020 installed base of the Internet of Things (IoT) by category
  12. 12. 50 billionThings $1.5 billionIndia $19 trillionRevenue By 2020
  13. 13. Enablers for IOT Factors that led to onset of Internet of Things
  14. 14. Rapid Manufacturing IPV6/ 6LoWPAN Sensors Protocols Connectivity Processors and Moore's Law Increased Bandwidth Growth Factors fields Manufacturing Field force management Supply chain management Home Automation
  15. 15. Streaming Multimedia Content in IOT over Open source Standardized Media Stack ( WebRTC )
  16. 16. Streaming Event data and Multimedia With IOT , machinery in plants , industries , motor vehicles, smart cities have sensors emitting enormous streams of data in real time. Media capture devices ( surveillance cameras , scanners , readers ) and user agents ( smartphones, watches , desktops , appliances , kiosks ) can stream audio /video data. next generation of applications will see, hear and understand.
  17. 17. Why is WebRTC suited for handling media streams in IOT ? No plugins No installations of flash or any other 3rd party plugins Royalty free codec VP8 , VP9 , OPUS MIT , GPL Rapid Support Community support and adoption by major browsers, native SDKs Javascript Support for js is the key to making it easily adoptable by developers Integrate with any signalling method ➜ SIP ➜ XMPP ➜ Socketio ➜ websocket
  18. 18. Media Streaming & WebRTC Surveillance and Security Asset Manageme nt Machine to Machine communication through MEdia Streaming data handling in IOT Robotics & remote navigation Wearables Smart Cities Power Grid MAnageme nt connected Vehicle
  19. 19. Place your screenshot hereBuild your own Home Surveillance System on IOT
  20. 20. Setting up the Surveillance Device Camera Hardware : Raspberry Pi 3 or above + camera module Communication : Dongle with 3G/4G Encoder : Webm encoder on Rpi uv4l-webrtc
  21. 21. MQTT Broker Architecture WebRTC uv4l driver Https webserver WebRTC browser Signalling over wss @altanai http://raspberrypi: 9000/stream/webrtc VP8/VP9 /Opus Live Streaming on WebRTC Peer 2 peer Camera Feed MQTT JS MQTT client websockets
  22. 22. User Console WebRTC incoming stream is accessible in almost all Operating Systems through chrome browsers . Exception iphone.
  23. 23. Ramudroid Bot to clean roads and outdoors
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Stages of garbage collection 1. Litter comes between rotating brushes 2. Litter is picked by brushes and pushed upwards 3. Brushes push it towards the tray
  26. 26. WebRTC uv4l driver Node Js webserver WebRTC browser Js modules WebRTC Server Signalling over ws and wss Webrtc session @altanai http://raspberrypi: 9000/stream/webrtc VP8/VP9 /Opus HTTP REST mongo Live Streaming on WebRTC Peer 2 peer Camera Feed Logs Recorded videos MCU or TURN
  27. 27. Web Control Dashboard Temperature Heat Sat , prec , err checksum
  28. 28. Media codecs ● Licensed codecs like flash by adobe , H264/H264/MPEG by MPEGLA cannot be freely used . ● Open source media stacks (webrtc ) not supported everywhere. ● Realtime transcoding is very taxing . Bottlenecks for Media streaming in IOT Proprietary protocols and standards ● IMAP , ICMP , Parley , SOAP , GIOP , Javs RMI , IMAP , LDAP and many more . ● Telcos use proprietary patented communication protocol stacks too Supporting all mobile OS and web browsers ● Lot of time and resources are spend on user interface design ● Support and rendering on multiple end- user devices . ● NAT and Firewall issues
  29. 29. Any questions?
  30. 30. Acknowledgements and Credits Presentation design Titles: Raleway , Body copy: Karla Slide Template and Icons : SlidesCarnival Images: Freepik, Wikipedia Figures : , Many of the data used here is based on the market reports and self experience , with the fast pace of change it may be outdated very soon .
  31. 31. Thanks! Madame Marie Curie (1867–1934) You can find me at @altanai &
  32. 32. Extras
  33. 33. Number of connected devices worldwide
  34. 34.