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Tallinn Socialfest 2012 - Petri Mertanen

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Tallinn Socialfest 2012 - Petri Mertanen

  1. 1. How to measure the effect ofSocial Media Marketing on your business? @mertanen #socialfest2012
  2. 2. Simple formula Sales? Growth of sales? Margin? Customer life time value? Other? Gain from investment – cost of investmentROI = Cost of investment Cost of work? + Cost of media? + Cost of agency? + Cost of tools?
  3. 3. What is the ROI of your relationships? Source:
  4. 4. Social Marketing
  5. 5. Customer Relationship Management Source:
  6. 6. BroadcastingSource:
  7. 7. She likes it!
  8. 8. It’s all about salesSource:
  9. 9. Internet has always been social
  10. 10. Everything is social
  11. 11. Everything is social
  12. 12. Everything is social
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Advertising doesn’t equal marketing
  15. 15. Marketing as a whole
  16. 16. Measuring framework
  17. 17. Measuring framework1. Purpose. What are we trying to achieve? Different point of views.  Product / service development  Processes (delivery, marketing etc.)  People (customers, partners, personel, recruiting)  Promotion = sales  Pricing
  18. 18. Measuring framework2. Goals  We are creating more development ideas and new innovations  We are improving our delivery and marketing processes  We are activating people, including our customers, partners and staff  We are growing our sales in different sales channels  We are trying to improve our profit by testing different kind of pricing
  19. 19. Measuring framework3. Key performance indicators about product, processes & people  Number of new development ideas and innovations (by channel, e.g. Facebook)  Number of feedback regarding to our current products / services  Quality and the tone of voice from customers  Task completion rate (by channel)  Number of recommendations (yes, likes too)  Number of product / service evaluations  Number of complaints regarding to our delivery process  Number of posts (by channel, by content type)  Number of fans, followers, subscribers (by channel)  Number of people involved
  20. 20. Measuring framework3. Key performance indicators about pricing & promotion  Number of promotions (by channel, by content type)  Number of reach: visits, fans, followers, subscribers etc. (by channel)  Engagement (bounce rate, number of shares, retweets etc.)  Number of pricing tests (by channel)  Sales, growth of sales, sales margin (by channel)  Return on investment  Return on ad spent
  21. 21. So what test?Source:
  22. 22. Continuous action model1. Analysis2. Decisions3. Action!
  23. 23. Asking the right questions
  24. 24. "Not everything that can be counted counts,and not everything that counts can be counted."  Source:
  25. 25. Measuring, analyzing and optimizing and changing marketing to make results. Petri Mertanen Senior Designer Marketing Analytics Mobile: +358 400 792 616 Email: www: