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Getting ready for theatre.

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Srudents are ready for Destination London.

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Getting ready for theatre.

  2. 2. On 3rd of April we are going to see a theatre play at the auditorium of San Francisco in Avila. The play is called “Destination London”. The play is about two youngsters called Samantha and Arthur who are taking part in a exchange in London. Arthur and Sam meet on the plane but they have some problems with their luggage at the airport and this is the main reason why they start their adventure in London together and how they will get to know the most popular places in the city. We´ll also take part in their adventure. María Galán María Carrera 1ºD
  3. 3. This is the plot. Agatha and Arthur are two adventurous students who have never before laid eyes on each other. It is by pure chance, when they are both at the airport with the same destination, do they meet. Destination: London. It happens to be their first trip to England´s capital. They are both going on an exchange to live with an English family for a month so they can practice the language, get to know the city, its customs and traditions and make new friends. But their fate is cast to the wind when, once at the airport, Agatha and Arthur lose their luggage containing all their documentation, and therefore they have no way of getting to their host families houses. So they have to fend for themselves, and just like detectives they have to fi nd out what has happened to their belongings. The experience of being alone in the great city will lead them into unusual situations in the underground, at the doors of Parliament, and even on the banks of the Thames. What will become of these two daring young Spaniards? Will they end up homeless, down and out and begging for food on the steps of Saint Paul´s just like poor Oliver Twist and his Dickensian friends? Or will they, by a stroke of luck,
  4. 4. manage to wrangle their way out of a great disaster and arrive in one piece at their hosts´ houses? We ´ve been working on the play: And knew about some cultural features of London
  5. 5. And role played the dialogues: