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USC Emerging Technologies and Public Relations

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USC presentation on PR and emerging technologies

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USC Emerging Technologies and Public Relations

  1. 1. Public Relations Emerging Technology, Content, Audiences
  2. 2. PR professionals as content producers •Mobile strategies •Tablet content •Social Media / participatory campaigns •Community / channels / niches
  3. 3. The digital age •Lead, evolve, adapt, innovate, experiment •Technology •Audience •Media
  4. 4. Themes •Personalized •On demand •Seamless screens •Examples: [Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iTunes, etc.]
  5. 5. Personalization •Social Media •Facebook Twitter hashtags Flipboard FB Paper
  6. 6. On Demand •Searchable by hashtag/tags •Archived so content is available on demand •Channels created to organize content •Aggregation (content from all three campuses)
  7. 7. Seamless Screens •Web •Mobile •Tablet •Apps •Traditional media
  8. 8. Seamless Screens? • Whether you are pursuing communications/PR, the concept of seamless screens is important (for now). • Wearable technology, other advancements are now available and being developed • Blog/website: Responsive site/ App development/Social Media presence
  9. 9. Think Mobile Video from ONA
  10. 10. By the numbers • As of January 2014: • 90% of American adults have a cell phone • 58% of American adults have a smartphone • 32% of American adults own an e-reader • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer —PEW Research
  11. 11. What does this mean for communications/PR?
  12. 12. Mobile strategy •Responsive design •App development •Mobile-specific projects •Mobile application development/design
  13. 13. Mobile Curriculum • Understand User Experience • Mobile Media Explorations (survey course) • Programming Fundamentals • Vector Graphics • Interactive Media Design • Mobile Design Studio I / Mobile Design Studio II • Mobile Game Design • Business of Mobile Media
  14. 14. Mobile App Design • I’m so glad someone is creating this program. I get asked all the time about people looking for app developers with a background in design and this is exactly what is needed. —Apple Rep • Input from developers, community, game developers/designers, designers, local development companies, journalists, etc.
  15. 15. Business of Mobile •Experimental ad models •Streamlining ads •Ads as content? (BuzzFeed) •Course covers legal, ethical issues relating to mobile
  16. 16. Mobile Content Producers •VJ class •Tools •Quick turnaround •Content for Social Media •Experimenting •Field assignments
  17. 17. Deadline Assignment • Midterm: DSLRs took much longer to finish the assignment • Quick turnaround and quality pieces with solid j- skills, proper equipment, tech skills • It’s about GOOD STORYTELLING, first and foremost; accuracy; strong characters • Know your AUDIENCE • Diversity of community/diversity in tech
  18. 18. Mobile content •User-generated campaign: Burberry “Art of the Trench” • “In addition to the professional photographs, Burberry fans were asked to upload photos to the site, and all viewers of the website could comment on and share the photos. Users were also able to browse trenches according to weather, color, style, gender, popularity, or collaborations. Within the first six months, the Art of the Trench site generated 7 million views and is still active today. The campaign re-established Burberry as the "it" brand in the fickle world of fashion.” —
  19. 19. Dunkin’ Donuts •Coolatta campaign • Dunkin’ Donuts came up with an engaging campaign to promote the launch of their #Coolatta beverages. Dunkin’ Donuts encouraged their #Facebookfans to upload a photo of themselves with a Coolatta beverage. By doing, they would be automatically entered into a daily giveaway. —
  20. 20. Tablet • Tablet Content Development • Buffalo Bills App • Design, User Experience • Students gain experience developing their “article” from content to design, testing and launch.
  21. 21. Tablet development • Variety of tools • Coding your own app • Other services: • Adobe Digital Publishing • Mag+ • Example: Buffalo Bills greater-fan-experience/
  22. 22. DPS • Puts interactive design in the hands of designers • The majority of the major magazine market uses DPS • Buffalo Bills, Sotheby’s, National Geographic, Wired Magazine • Uses tools designers are already familiar with • Cost, turnaround time
  23. 23. iPad Demo • Sotheby’s: enterprise/use-cases.html?promoid=KKSDG • Buffalo Bills Gameday App
  24. 24. Social Media • How to make your content social • Many times, you are not competing with other news sites, you are competing with Grumpy Cat.
  25. 25. Social Media •Social Media is a conversation • Did you see that selfie from the Oscars last night? • Did you hear the latest news on Flight 370? • Did you see that Doritos Superbowl commercial?
  26. 26. Social Media •Social content is sharable, talked about. •Have a plan. •Know your audience. •What is your goal?
  27. 27. Possible goals •Share info •Create awareness •Take action •Buy a product, take a quiz, volunteer, etc.
  28. 28. Think about engagement
  29. 29. Know your audience •Demographics for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram vary. •Example: Pinterest • “According to full service agency Modea, the majority are female mothers — 28 percent have a household income of $100k+.” —Mashable
  30. 30. Measure success •Hootsuite •TweetReach •Klout •Social Mention •Twazzup
  31. 31. Provide your social media team with content •Quotes •Images (always try to have images/ visuals with social content) •Video •Interesting factoids/engaging questions/ surveys
  32. 32. Social Media Campaign •Gillette •#howdoesheshave • “The campaign content also accounted for 15% of the company’s total YouTube views. Media coverage ran the gamut from The New York Times to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, while sales generated included a double-digit percentage increase at a leading retailer during the Father’s Day period.” —PR Week • Mayim’s theory:
  33. 33. Be carefully spontaneous
  34. 34. Be strategically spontaneous, but also be careful!
  35. 35. Community First • Everyone has a story. Broadcast it. • Public radio model / Diversity is important • Although we will focus on the local community, we will keep in mind the broad audience to which the Internet allows us to reach. We will think, first and foremost, of our most local public. We will uphold journalistic and professional standards. We will strive to maintain fair and balanced programming. We act as a community billboard of sorts that allows an open forum on campus and in the community.
  36. 36. • As a body of students in an educational setting, we will endeavor to be innovative and experimental. We will take full advantage of our creative license and realize that we have an incredible opportunity to change the future of our industry. This is the culmination of everything we have learned and will be a platform for multimedia. • Site: • Mobile App / TuneIn App / iTunes / searchable podcasts / categorized and archived
  37. 37. Create your own channels •SoundCloud •YouTube •Twitter •FB •Participatory Content
  38. 38. Social Media Campaign •Involve your community •Lays “Do Us a Flavor” campaign • “A Facebook app enabled fans to create their own flavors and featured videos with different pairings for inspiration.” —PR Week
  39. 39. Big Picture • Live as your audience does • ENGAGE /KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE • ADAPT / INNOVATE / EMBRACE TECH • EXPERIMENT / INSPIRE / failure = growth • REMEMBER the foundations your craft & good storytelling • Think about your community
  40. 40. Try it out! •Mobile equipment •iPad apps / testing center