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Open apis are changing the next Generation of Financial services - Startplatz 5.2.15

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How human behavior changed and why open APIs are a good way to innovate

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Open apis are changing the next Generation of Financial services - Startplatz 5.2.15

  1. 1 Open APIs are changing the next generation of financial services Startplatz, Cologne, 05.02.15
  2. André M. Bajorat ‣ Consultant, Business Angel, Co-Founder, Mentor, 
 Key-Note Speaker, Herausgeber ‣ Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte • Banking, Payment, Mobile ‣ Berufliche Historie seit 1997 • Sparkassen Finanzgruppe 97-09 - SK Online - M.d.Gl. Star Finanz / StarMoney - GF giropay • NumberFour AG 09-11 • seit 2011 amb consult • seit 2012 GF und Co-Founder des Fin-Tech StartUps figo • Beirat bei FinLeap und Cringle • Initiator der Wahl zum FinTech des Jahres 2
  3. Introduction 3
  4. There is a sustained change how we want to do banking Banks are under pressure ‣ Never before so many solutions of non-banks have sprung up around banking services as in recent months ‣ What are the reasons? 4
  5. Behavior patterns and demands of users changed 5
  6. And the way we use services Mobile has changed the world 6
  7. In the beginning of digitalization, banks were forerunner But the benchmark for new financial services do not put banks anymore 7
  8. All needed information in one screen Time-lines and feeds are standard 8
  9. One link is enough to get all information - think about your bank or credit card statements Silly data finally obtains context 9
  10. Same data on every device 10 German savings banks are creating data silos for every device
  11. Banking in Germany is still a pull experience Push is standard 11
  12. Ident-Broker ‣ It is standard to use a central ID in different services and to use the data across services • Twitter • Facebook • PayPal 12
  13. And in addition… 13
  14. ‣ Customers are using bank products from different banks • „There is an app for that“: or an bank product for this case ‣ The relevant player for personal finance are growing • Banks + Wallets + FinTechs Personal Finance is fragmented 14
  15. 15
  16. Sum: Gap between Offer and Expectation 16
  17. And now… APIs 17
  18. APIs are one of the best answers for innovations Why do we need modern Bank-APIs? ‣ Human behavior has changed and is changing more and more ‣ Mobile and the app-economy has changed everything ‣ Banks are not the forerunner anymore ‣ Speed is crucial ‣ Right context is necessary ‣ And never the less: bank products are software 18
  19. Some words about figo… 19
  20. It is damn hard and complicated to build services based on existing infrastructure. What are the problems? ‣ Banking/Financial interfaces are old and fragmented. ‣ No single point of entry to all financial data services. Neither for developer nor for end users. ‣ High development costs to connect software with today financial interfaces. 20
  21. Backbone of next generation financial services figo’s mission ‣ Enabling developers to easily create universal financial services and products based on our agnostic technical concept. ‣ Providing insights based on personal financial data to the end user. 21
  22. 22 User accesses data 
 through a central 
 financial ID User- & Access Management Metadata Enrichment Realtime sync & Notifications Sync across devices & services Smart Data 
 Partner connects
 financial ID
 via figo’s REST-API Hosted in a German 
 Bank Data Center Financial Data Apps ToolsServices Banks Creditcards Wallets Cryptocurrencies Broker How it works
  23. Financial data brings context Possible use cases for figo 23 Identification Payment Wealth Management / Investing Productivity figo Banking Insurance companies Risk management Accounting
  24. The figo API is already the backbone of well-known companies Selection of use cases currently in use 24 Banking Apps Bank transfer for p2p payment Scoring and Identity Banks figo Open position management Cross selling Scan and pay / 
 Travel-Expenses Online payments
  25. > 30 years FinTech Experience And by the way - this is figo 25 André M. 
 Bajorat Joachim 
 Penk Lars Markull Sebastian Tiesler CEO & Sales
 ‣ Exec. consultant in finance & payment ‣ VP Product Marketing, CEO 
 at NumberFour ‣ Managing Director at giropay ‣ Management Board at Star Finanz ‣ Advisory Board Member at 
 FinLeap / ExecIO / Cringle / Mobicom ‣ Mentor at Plug&Play, Microsoft Ventures, startupbootcamp Technology
 ‣ Freelance Software Developer ‣ Entrepreneur ‣ Co-Founder (CTO) Mikestar Business Dev 
 & DevCom ‣ Shortcut Ventures ‣ SumUp Product & Sales
 ‣ Head of Mobile Solutions 
 at Star Finanz ‣ Senior Account Manager 
 at Star Finanz ‣ G&J Multimedia Ventures ‣ Project Lead eCommerce at Ponton Software Technology ‣ Project Lead B2B at 
 Mindways Multimedia Heiko Rahlfs Finance & 
 Operations ‣ Consultant for Organization, Processes & Finance ‣ Partner at Putz & Partner Unternehmensberatung AG ‣ Manager at Lischke Consulting GmbH ‣ Relationship Manager Corporate Finance at Dresdner Bank AG ‣ Diplom Kaufmann ‣ Banker (Bankkaufmann)
  26. Resume… 26
  27. and a fundamental change in the market There is a need for Banking APIs ‣ Fidor provides the new Bank-API ‣ EPC is fighting for „Access to Bank Account“ ‣ For UK Government open Bank- APIs are driver for the FinTech Success of London ‣ > 140 Partners on figos Bank-API 27
  28. Yes they could be… Are Banks the right provider for APIs? ‣ Open APIs will give banks new speed ‣ External partners will bring innovations to the customer ‣ Banks are the owner of the data and the gatekeeper ‣ APIs are a new business model for banks ‣ but don´t wait for them! 28
  29. 29 André M. Bajorat CEO You are interested in what we are doing? Contact us! +49 172 4574783
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How human behavior changed and why open APIs are a good way to innovate


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