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Meningitis b vaccine


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Meningitis b vaccine

  1. 1.  The petition was boosted following a campaign by the family of two-year-old Faye Burdett, from Maidstone, who died on Valentine's Day.  It was started by Lee Booth, 44, from Gateshead, after one of his daughters was deemed too old for the vaccine.  The petitions committee has yet to schedule a date for the debate.  Most signed  It said it would like the House of Commons to have the chance to hear from some of the families who have been affected by meningitis B, as well as from relevant medical experts, first.  The petition, which is now the most-signed online petition in parliamentary history, calls for the vaccination of all children up to at least the age of 11.  A vaccine to protect against meningitis B is available on the NHS for babies aged two months, followed by a second dose at four months and a booster at 12 months.  Parents who wish to have older children vaccinated must pay privately, but there is a worldwide shortage of the vaccine and stocks are low.  Faye Burdett died after an 11-day battle with the infection. Her parents, Jenny and Neil, shared a picture of her covered in a rash and lying in a hospital bed to raise awareness of the disease.
  2. 2.  families/health-news/meningitis-b-vaccination-parents- release-photos-of-son-moments-before-death-a6888591.html  A couple have released pictures of their son showing him moments before he died of meningitis, as a campaign calling for the NHS to provide vaccinations against the infection continues.  Claire Timmins hopes the images will encourage other parents to look out for warning signs, after her seven-year-old son, Mason Timmins, did not have the rash which is most commonly associated with the disease.  Mason died within 24 hours of telling his mother he had felt ill in 2013. He had the viral meningitis vaccination, but contracted the bacterial form of the disease.
  3. 3.  As people are more media literate they can communicate their ideas and thoughts as well as being able to create and share around via web 2.0. so people sharing it on Facebook, and twitter to generate more publicity and awareness for this petition.  More connectivity with better WiFi and it being more available for free (Shops etc.) as well as having more access to signals (3+4g) which allows further contact to social media so a wide variety of people are able to read and see this petition and create a debate around it.  It is easier for people to donate and create support for petitions now as they know and understand how to do that. From this petition if it succeeds, there will be an advantage for others.  Citizenship is also shown as people are supporting their petition by signing it, as this is also them showing their right to have a voice. Paul Mihalidius’ theory