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  1. 1. Public Relations with Local Government Units By Ana Maria B. Raymundo Presented by David Daniel P. PagulayanApril 1-5, 2013Albergo Hotel,Baguio City
  2. 2. Local Government Units are our external stakeholders.Stakeholder (noun) -a person with an interest or concern in something, esp. a business. -[ as modifier ] denoting a type of organization or system in which all the members or participants are seen as having an interest in its success: a stakeholder economy.
  3. 3. Objective: to gain support from LGUsAs our partnersAs field implementersAs public servantsAs the officials entrusted to LEAD and SERVE the public
  4. 4. PUBLIC RELATIONS as a strategyPublic Relations is a management functiondesigned to create and maintain good andharmonious relationship between theorganization and its public.
  5. 5. DELIVERING THE MESSAGE: Pitching the Sustainable LivelihoodProgram to LGUs
  6. 6. TRUTH: LGUs have their own set ofpriorities and your program willnot always necessarily be one of them.
  7. 7. CHALLENGE:To convince them that the DSWD shares a common goal of reducing poverty among their constituents and we do so through the Sustainable Livelihood Program
  8. 8. GOAL: To make the SustainableLivelihood Program one of their main priorities
  9. 9. PERCEPTION ATTITUDE BEHAVIORElicit a certain behavior among LGUs.
  10. 10. PERCEPTION. ATTITUDE. BEHAVIOR.Perception (noun)• a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression• intuitive understanding and insight
  11. 11. PERCEPTION. ATTITUDE. BEHAVIOR.Attitude (noun)• a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a persons behavior
  12. 12. PERCEPTION. ATTITUDE. BEHAVIOR.Behavior (noun)• the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, esp. toward others• the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus
  13. 13. OUR VISION• Poverty reduction with institutional support from the LGUs OUR PROMISE• Uplift the standard of living and improve the quality of lives of their constituents
  14. 14. Focus on your goal.
  15. 15. Strategize your approach for each public official
  16. 16. You are a reflection of theinstitution you represent. Dress appropriately. Act accordingly.
  17. 17. is different isWhat you wearfrom what you on thewhen wear field meeting with partners
  18. 18. Prepare.Master your program.Know your partners.
  19. 19. LGUs as partners– the LGU’s thrust and priorities– image of the LGU– existing communication efforts– personal background of the LGU heads and staff– the existing advocacies
  20. 20. Focus on the VALUE ADDED by the program.
  21. 21. Your promise is your argument.
  22. 22. Emphasize the importance oftheir role and responsibility to their constituents.
  23. 23. Communicate the message
  24. 24. Go back to basics.
  25. 25. Be Direct.
  26. 26. Take anexperiential approach.
  27. 27. Make ittangible.
  28. 28. Be Visual.
  29. 29. Focus on REAL people, REAL lives, and REAL stories. Humanizethe program.
  30. 30. Be HONEST.
  31. 31. We do not allowthe beneficiaries has a set of The DSWD to be used for NON-NEGOTIABLES POLITICAL institution. as an PROPAGANDA.
  32. 32. Why help? Because it is their PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY
  33. 33. No ‘ifs’No ‘buts’
  34. 34. Challenge the waythey think.
  35. 35. Advertisements as a tool for public relationsSay more, talk less.Try the elevator test.In order to achieve a win-win situation, link your argument to the local official’s institutional objectives.
  36. 36. Ultimately, you do not have control over the local official’s decisions.You can influence them or at least challenge the way they think.Just do it: Present everything as best as you can.Take note of the criticism and issues that emerge.
  37. 37. Always be PROACTIVE, not reactive
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