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Induction talk year 4 2014

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Induction talk year 4 2014

  1. 1. Induction Meeting Year 4 (2014) Tony McNeill Undergraduate and Examinations Tutor School of European Languages, Cultures & Society
  2. 2. welcome back
  3. 3. Sources of information and support (online) • SELCS Undergraduate Handbook (Moodle VLE) • SELCS website • Attendance Monitoring System (AMS) • Portico (student record system) • UCL Common Timetable • Maps (Campus Route Finder)
  4. 4. Sources of information and support (people) • Departmental Coordinators • Personal Tutor • SELCS Undergraduate Officer (Karin Charles) • SELCS Examinations Officer (Novella Mercuri) • SELCS Undergraduate & Examinations Tutor (Tony McNeill)
  5. 5. My role as SELCS Undergraduate Tutor • student support and guidance (with Karin Charles)  referring to specialist support services (e.g. SSW)  variations to ‘module diet’  changes of status (e.g. transfers, interruptions of study & withdrawals)  absence  Learning Agreements
  6. 6. Attendance monitoring at UCL • UCL’s minimum requirement for engagement is 70% • you are required to sign an attendance form for each class with tutors updating online record • if attendance falls below 70% you will automatically be barred from assessment • the bar may be lifted if a Learning Agreement is signed
  7. 7. My role as SELCS Examinations Tutor • student assessment (with Novella Mercuri)  extenuating circumstances applications/documentation  extension requests  penalties for late submission of assessed work or for exceeding/falling short of word limit  plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct
  8. 8. Key take-home messages You must: •attend 70%+ classes •pass core modules (e.g. language) •be ‘complete’ in:  16.0 course units  have passed a minimum of 14.5 course units (including at least three at advanced level)