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Uses of Foam

There are different uses of foam. They can be used in packaging, for reupholstering, construction etc. See this slide and what are they.

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Uses of Foam

  1. 1. Uses of Foam
  2. 2. Polyethylene foam is often used in making a rugged customized carrying case / accessory case as it doesn't retain gases, doesn't hold moisture, and its compression properties will hold your valuables very well.
  3. 3. Large number of Dunlop foam are using for architectural models In Sydney.
  4. 4. Foam is the least expensive and the best packaging material that's used for protecting different kinds of products. The packaging customers often require big numbers of same shape.
  5. 5. Re upholstery like reupholstering any kind of furniture, changes the look and feel of the piece and increases the lifespan of it. Just replacing foam padding on an
  6. 6. Egg crate / convoluted foam allows to absorb sound very well. Egg crate foam is also a good choice for people who want to cover their sound deadening foam with acoustical cloth.
  7. 7. Other Common Uses • Car seats, truck seats and boat seats • Bunk beds, cabin cruiser beds and camping beds • Mattresses • Floor padding • Karate pads • Day care toys and many more
  8. 8. This Slide Show is Brought to You By Luxafoam North