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Who To Invite In The Family Portrait?

People get confused on who to include in the family photograph as most of us have a growing family in the background.

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Who To Invite In The Family Portrait?

  1. 1. Who To Invite In TheFamily Portrait?
  2. 2. Inviting your parents is obvious when it comes to family portraits. During the photo shoot, parents must wear a dress which matches with that of yours.
  3. 3. Beside your parents, include all of the siblings, their spouses and children. It would be great if they stand according to their age.
  4. 4. And yes! Grandparents must be included in the list of family photographs. Remember, they are the members who make a family portrait complete. Consider to add a stage where they can stand behind you.
  5. 5. You can also include aunts/uncles and their spouses. They play a vital role in any family portrait.
  6. 6. If there is any kid in the family, he/she/they must stand on the front row. Babies can be on their respective mother's lap.
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