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Closet Doors

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Closet Doors

  1. 1. Americanmirador doors, closet doors, wood doors and more….
  2. 2. Our Product Closet Door Shower Doors Wood Doors Windows Room Dividers Cut
  3. 3. Closet Door American Mirador isyour most trustedsource for closetdoors. Our closet doors aredesigned tocompliment andimprove your homeand lifestyle. Our doors aremanufactured andinstalled withindays, with prices thatbeat the large chainstores.
  4. 4. Shower Doors Framed shower doorsare very popular withour price consciouscustomers. Ourquality shower doorsare made here inCalifornia. There are over adozen different kindsof framing metals andglass to update andaccent your bathroomthe way you want it tolook and feel.
  5. 5. Wood Doors Our molded interiordoors are routinelytested against 14different criteriaincluding waterresistance, adhesionand overall durabilityto ensure consistentproduct quality. Alldoors are availableprimed with a low VOCprimer and ready topaint. Our moldedinterior doors can bespecified in 1⅜” or 1¾”thicknesses.
  6. 6. Windows American Mirador notonly builds closetdoors and showerdoors, we build andinstall windows aswell! We work strictlywith high qualitymaterial to give yourhome the sturdinessand beauty itdeserves. Our IWCWindows are one ofthe best brands out onthe market. For a lowcost we can find theright windows to fityour need and wallet.
  7. 7. Room Dividers Mystique glassallows light to passthrough, but onlydiffusely, so thatobjects on the otherside cannot beclearly distinguished.Its translucent lookhas a special qualityof making imagesappear mysteriousand desirable to helpimprove your livingenvironment.
  8. 8. Cut Glass We have thousands ofstyles of glass andmirrors ready to be cutjust for you. With all thestyles of glassavailable, you are boundto find something thatwill fit your home’s style.Whether to cover awooden tabletop orusing our new beautifulcolor glass as a vanitybacksplash for yourbathroom, let AmericanMirador’s specialty cutglass add flare to yourhome today!
  9. 9. CONTACT1550 Dell Ave Suite MCampbell CA 95008Phone: (408) 370-2252Fax: (408) 370-2253facbook twitter