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Energy drinks Marketing Strategies presentation

Marketing Mix strategies of different energy drinks, and introducing our own energy drink, with competitive marketing mix strategies.

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Energy drinks Marketing Strategies presentation

  1. 1. UOB Beverages Company
  2. 2. Objectives Background of energy drink market Competition Marketing Mix strategies of our product Target market for our product Conclusion
  3. 3. Background Energy drinks were first appear in Europe and Asia in 1960s, in response to the consumer demand. Beverages companies were intent on expanding existing product lines and developing altogether new products. Energy drinks were marketed in European countries for about 25 years and safely consumed and enjoyed by consumers worldwide.
  4. 4. Background cont. Consumers are, more specifically male teenagers and people in their 20s. Consumers want a product that gives them the boost they needed to participate in sports / outdoor activities and various other social activities, such as gamers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and the hip-hop crowd.
  5. 5. Competition Red Bull Monster Rockstar
  6. 6. Competition cont. •Product: Red Bull is an energy drink, sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987 Country of origin: Thailand •Price: BD 0.600 •Place: Retailers, on-trade establishments, vending machine, supermarkets •Promotions: oRed Bull TV ads, oAthletes: US Travis Rice, oEvents: F1 racing, Red Bull cliff diving, and oSports: Motorsports, Bike, games, music Red Bull
  7. 7. Competition cont. • Product: Monster Energy is an energy drink by Monster Beverage Corporation in April 2002. Country of origin: United States • Price: BD 0.600 • Place: vending machine, supermarkets, department stores, services stores • Promotions: o by young vendors in powerful truck blasting music, o high contrast recognizable posters in retail stores, and o high energy rushed TV ads. Monster
  8. 8. Competition cont. • Product: Rockstar (branded ROCKST★R) is an energy drink created in 2001, Country of origin: United States • Price: BD 0.600 • Place: Retailers, on-trade establishments, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores • Promotions: o Action Sports: BMX, Snowball, ski, Surf, Wake Boarding Motor, o Moto-Sports: Nascar, Rally, Snow cross, and o Live Music: House party tour and breath Carolina Rockstar
  9. 9. 32% 28% 9% 31% Competition Cont. Red Bull Monster Rockstar Others
  10. 10. UOB Beverages Company Product Name: Starting with the name of the product, it’s called “Flaco”. Derived from Falcon, Flaco is the Latin term for falcon, in reference to the silhouette of the falcon’s long, pointed wings in flight. The name is selected to show higher level of energy. 1: Product
  11. 11. 1: Product Objectives: The product is able to  Provide consumer with more energy.  Enhance their performance: mentally/physically.  Improve cognitive performance.  Increase alertness.  Increase upper body muscle endurance.
  12. 12. Variants: 1: Product Flaco Strawberry Flaco Lime
  13. 13. 2: Place The product is to be launched at University Of Bahrain. In the food courts and in vending machines it is launched, making it easily available. The target customers were students and young person, that’s why it was best to launch in the University.
  14. 14. 3: Price The price of the product is an important factor. Low pricing policies are to be used because of strong competitors in the market. As the product is new it must be launched with the moderate price, the price will be BD 0.400.
  15. 15. 4: Promotion Slogan : Fasten your everything and get ready to go higher. Brand Ambassador : Here we present Brand Ambassador of our product Cristiano Rolando. A well known football player, who tested the drink and liked it too, we are grateful to him for being the brand Ambassador. Cristiano Rolando
  16. 16. Social Media : Digital and social media provides direct and relevant line of communication with Flaco’s core youth audience. These channels of communication make word-of-mouth strategies more efficient and effective. We represent our product on the Instagram, so that people can easily exchange information about our Energy Drink.
  17. 17. Target Market Consumers to whom we will market our product are most probably divided into two groups. Demographics: This group of people, more specifically include teenagers and people in their 20s, males and females, most probably high school and university students who lead active lifestyle. Psychographics: Consumers in this group can be best describe as those who are in need of an easily affordable energy drink that may help them to energize their life, increase alertness and enhance the mental or physical performance. UOB sports team players, hip hop crowd are the essential part of our targeted customers.
  18. 18. Conclusion This project was a good experience, we came to know about Marketing mix strategies and their implementations in the market place It’s very helpful way to have energy, so wear the shoes & run fast with flaco.
  19. 19. Question& Answers
  20. 20. Presented By Ameena Mujeeb Fatima Ebrahim Najim Buziad Fatima Kadhem Husain Aljaboori THANK YOU!