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A Report on solar power plant installation

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Solar power plant installation essentials.

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A Report on solar power plant installation

  2. 2. VISIT TO NBCC ON-GRID 10KWp SOLAR POWER PLANT | Amitesh DATE: 11 NOV 2014 Site Name: National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd. (NBCC) Ghitorni, New Delhi – 110003 Latitude: 29º01' Degree North Longitude: 77º38' Degree East Figure: 1 Side View of the plant Installed at NBCC, Ghitorni having a capacity of 10KWp The installation of on-grid solar power plant at NBCC, Ghitorni has a capacity of 10KWp. It is a fixed installation facing towards south and an installation angle (β) of 30ᵒ. Electrical Specifications: Module PM – 170. No. of modules in Series – 20. Parallel Combination – 3. No. of FJB – 3. Module wire – 1x4 Conduit Wiring – P.V.C conduit 32mm. Civil foundation - Angle Bar – 50x50x6 (structure and legs) Pile – 1x1 Foot. Data Obtained From Inverter Display at 1:20 PM DC Side V (Volt) I (Amps) V (Volt) I (Amps) String 1 617 6.4 To Grid 241 8.1 String 2 598 3.0 String 3
  3. 3. VISIT TO NBCC ON-GRID 10KWp SOLAR POWER PLANT | Amitesh Balance of System (BOS) Described: 1. SPV ARRAY The SPV array of 10 KWp capacity consist of 60no. Of modules of PM160 wired in 20 series- 3 parallel configuration. The modules shall be fixed on corrosion resistantMS structures. The SPV module has 72 number of crystalline silicon solar cells connected in series and hermetically sealed with high transmission toughened glass on top and suitable lamination material on back using state-of-the-art technology. The laminates are framed using anodized aluminum channels. A terminal block is fixed on the frames for taking the electrical output. The SPV array is grouted on Galvanized MS support structure on the ground near the buildings. 2. INVERTER The SUNNY TRIPOWER solar inverters characterize the technology and are optimally suitable for use in small and mid-range systems. These inverters have first class efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability and come with innovative technologies such as OptiTrac and H5-Topology. These make the device even more efficient and therefore ensure a very good solar yield. Automatic grid voltage detection and an integrated DC disconnect switch simplifies installation, ensuring safety as well as saving time. These models feature galvanic isolation and can be used with all types of modules. The die-cast aluminium enclosure, with the OptiCool active temperature management system, guarantees the highest yields possible and a long service life, even under extreme conditions. Figure: 1 Sunny TriPower Inverter (Left) & LCD Display (Right)
  4. 4. VISIT TO NBCC ON-GRID 10KWp SOLAR POWER PLANT | Amitesh 3. GROUNDING OF THE SPV ARRAY All the non-current carrying panel structures are connected with the earth pit. Apart from this, all other non- current carrying metallic parts such as FJB and Inverter have also been earthed. Figure: 2 Interconnection between Structures for grounding (Left) & Earth Pit (Right) 4. SUPPORT STRUCTURES The modules are mounted on support structures fabricated from Mild steel, which are fixed on the ground as shown in the drawing. The structures are hot dip galvanized to make them non-corrosive and long lasting. Twelve Structures Carry 5 Modules each (Total Modules 60 Nos.). The structures are designed so as to withstand a horizontal wind speed of 150 KMPH. Figure: 3 Pile Single bolt foundation
  5. 5. VISIT TO NBCC ON-GRID 10KWp SOLAR POWER PLANT | Amitesh 5. The technical specifications of the recommended SPV Plant are as follows: General SPV Module SPV Array Power (Total 10 KWp) Module type Crystalline silicon Module power PM160 (160Wp-170Wp) Inverter Rating 10KW Mounting Indoor inside control room (provided by Customer) No. of Inverters 1 Enclosures IP 20 Other accessories Cables BIS Copper Conductors Module mounting frame Galvanized MS frame 6. Module Data Sheet: SOLAR PV MODULE PM 160 ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS Maximum Power Rating (Wp) 160 Minimum Power Rating (Wp) 150 Rated Current Im (Amps) 4.45 Rated Voltage Vm (Volts) 36 Short Circuit Current Isc (Amps) 5.0 Open Circuit Voltage Voc (Volts) 44 PHYSICAL PARAMETERS
  6. 6. VISIT TO NBCC ON-GRID 10KWp SOLAR POWER PLANT | Amitesh No. of Cells 72 Dimensions (approx.) 1580(L)x805(W)x42(T) Weight (Kg) 14.5 ENVIRONMENTAL RATINGS Nominal Operating Cell Temp.(C) 492 Max. Allowed Module Temp.(C) -40 to + 85 Max. Allowed System Voltage(V) 1000 RH at 85C 85 Temp. Coefficient of Isc +0.0004/K Temp. Coefficient of Voc -0.0034/K 7. Inverter Specifications SUNNY TRIPOWER 10000TL Input (DC) Output (AC) Max DC Power (@ Cos Ф= 1) 10200 Rated Power (@ 230 V, 50 Hz) 10000 W Max. Input voltage 1000 Max. Apparent AC power 10000VA MPP Voltage Range / Rated input voltage 320 V – 800 V / 600 V Nominal AC voltage range 160 V – 280 V Min. Input Voltage / Initial input voltage 150 A / 180 A AC power frequency / range 50 Hz, 60Hz / -6 Hz ... +5 Hz Max. Input Current Input A/ Input B 22 A / 11A Rated grid frequency / rated grid voltage 50 Hz / 230 V Max. Input Current Per String Input A/ Input B 33 A / 12.5 A Max. output current 16 A Number Of Independent MPP Inputs / Strings per MPP input 2 / A: 4; B: 1 Adjustable displacement factor 0.8 over exited ... 0.8 Under exited