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Arundhuti #theindiadialogue Feb 2023.pdf

  1. Building human foundations Arundhuti Gupta Founding Trustee & CEO, Mentor Together Ashoka Fellow | Echidna Global Scholar at Brookings
  2. Every aspect of human development is fundamentally shaped by interpersonal relationships
  3. Children can gain insight into cultural gender stereotypes between ages 2-3 Stereotyping & prejudice can be observed in children as young as 3-4 years Source: Ruble and Martin (1998), Aboud (1989)
  4. Source: Subramaniam (2019)
  5. ‘Supportive Accountability’ through technology platforms Coaching + Nudging the helper (the Anganwadi teacher, the parent)
  6. A Shared Value Approach with Business Only 36% of workers worldwide fi nd meaning & signi fi cance in their work The opportunity to build leadership, sensitivity, and empathy through volunteering Source: The Energy Project
  7. Mentor To Go Over 38000 mentors & mentees on the Mentor To Go app Partners (40+ companies)
  8. Thank you! arundhuti@mentortogether.org @arundhutigupta https://linktr.ee/mentortogether https://mentortogether.org/resources