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Technology Revoluaation & Its Impact On Society


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Technology Revoluaation & Its Impact On Society

  2. 2. Introduction  Technological revolution is, in general, a relatively not long period in history when one technology (or better a set of technologies) is replaced by another technology (or by the set of technologies). As Nick Bostrom wrote: “We might define a technological revolution as a dramatic change brought about relatively quickly by the introduction of some new technology. "It is an era of an accelerated technological progress characterized not only by new innovations but also their application and diffusion.  A new technological revolution should increase a productivity of work, efficiency, etc. It may involve not only material changes but also changes in management, learning, social interactions, financing, methods of research etc. It is not limited strictly to technical aspects. Technological revolution so rewrites the material conditions of human existence and also reshape culture, society and even human nature. It can play a role of a trigger of a chain of various and unpredictable changes. 2Prof.Amol Ubale
  3. 3.  The concept of technological revolution is based on the idea (not unquestioned) that technological progress is not linear but undulatory. Technological revolution can be:  sectoral (more technological changes in one sector, e.g. Green revolution, Commercial revolution)  universal (interconnected radical changes in more sectors, the universal technological revolution can be seen as a complex of several parallel sectoral technological revolutions, e.g. Second industrial revolution, Renaissance technological revolution etc.) Prof.Amol Ubale 3
  4. 4. Revolutions in the world We can identify several universal technological revolutions which occurred during the modern era in Western culture:  1. (1600–1740) Financial-agricultural revolution  2. (1780–1840) Industrial revolution  3. (1870–1920) Technical revolution (or Second Industrial Revolution)  4. (1940–1970) Scientific-technical revolution  5. (1985–present) Information and telecommunications revolution Prof.Amol Ubale 4
  5. 5. Through the topic……  What is Technology… ?  The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. - machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge -the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.
  6. 6. In those days……  People were combined with the nature… - Loved it - Treated it well - Enjoyed it - Grew up with it  Then they were an actual part of nature by all means .  They did not need an any special part of the day to be with it as they were always with it
  7. 7. In those days……  Communication also was really wonderful … - They wrote each others… - Waited for replies… - More wonderful dreams & hopes were there  Sometimes the same reason made them - Poets - Creative thinkers in many probable ways
  8. 8. Technology wakes up….. With the time .. Technology started to emerge It involved to , * Communication * Industries * Household etc ; & people got the rhythm , got on to it , get used to it.Gradually… They started to change. The time they spent with the nature they allocated to this newly arrived magical visitor. People got the turn with the TECHNOLOGY in early 90’s NATURE remained same but not for long.
  9. 9. Technology got modified….. That’s when the modern technology born & started to grow up & started to get fed by human being . Nowadays it has become an essential thing to get our lives going. Tragedy is that it has become a huge impact to the lifestyles of the people . Adiction to machinery items has become a threat to the lifestyles of children. And they are driving their lives out of the real world they should experience.
  10. 10.  Increasing technology gives a vast passage to communication or  With the usage of machinery items to communication , mind force us to think that the technology has given the priority to make the communication easier. The same reason itself make the people to go for the latest communication sources available , mostly for MOBILE PHONES.
  11. 11. Effects on man kind….  Technology is young ,& first to hug the technology is the younger generation of the world.They are always in touch with the updating technology. Considering communication , the evolution of mobile phones has clearly affected on most of the young people all around the world.  Call phones to Smart phones. History made from Allexander Graham bell to Steve Jobs & travelling beyond.
  12. 12.  Surely these things are positive though them affects on our lives on bad way in some ways…  Without the technology -we wouldn’t be able to talk friends , family who are away - we wouldn’t be able to stay updated with the world but…. Yes !!! its possitive
  13. 13. Negative things happen…  With the development of mobile phones SOCIAL NETWORKS are coming in to your palm & people get addicted to it.  Consider this - you are sitting at a restaurant table with 5 friends and each of you put your face down hold your smarts phones and check emails or update social status, Even with google glass (which is less distracting) you STILL ignore others
  14. 14. Just think…  When you listened to the , Singing of the birds for last time ?  When you , Read a book (Novel, Short story) for last time ?  When you Had you time together with your family members ?  But surely more than that you may have sat infront of PCs LAPTOPS to make yourself fill with ARTIFICIAL SATISFACTION
  15. 15. OR YOU MAY DO… But, sitting infront of a COMPUTER holding a SMARTPHONE or a TAB at your palms It does take a toll on our health…. & We end up having , - Poor eating habits - Obesity - Back pain - Vision problems - even some unexplained disorders
  16. 16. Just try….
  17. 17. Look around you..  World is far worse than you saw it for the last time…..  Still you have the time to surf the world rather than the CYBER SPACE  Go on …. BECAUSE…..
  18. 18. USE TECHNOLOGY  With , Control Limits  Tech gadgets are here to Help us Serve us Not the other way around
  19. 19. Impact
  20. 20. Impact  Positive
  21. 21. Enhanced Teaching and Learning • Technological developments like digital cameras, projectors, mind training software, computers, PowerPoint presentations, 3D visualization tools; all these have become great sources for teachers to help students grasp a concept easily. • It has to be understood that visual explanation of concepts makes learning fun and enjoyable for students. They're able to participate more in the classroom and even teachers get a chance to make their classes more interactive and interesting.
  22. 22. • Globalization • When schools in different parts of the state , students can “meet" their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving the classroom. • Some sites, such as are used to help students learn foreign languages online by pairing a group of students with a teacher from another country.
  23. 23. • No Geographical Limitations • With the introduction of online degree programs there is hardly any need of being present physically in the classroom. Even several foreign universities have started online degree courses that student can join. • Distance learning and online education have become very important part of the education system nowadays.
  24. 24. Impact  NEGATIVE
  25. 25. Declining Writing Skills  Due to the excessive usage of online chatting and shortcuts, the writing skills of today’s young generation have declined quite tremendously.  These days, children are relying more and more on digital communication that they have totally forgot about improving their writing skills.  They don’t know the spelling of different words, how to use grammar properly or how to do cursive writing
  26. 26. Increasing Incidents of Cheating • Technological developments like graphing calculators, high tech watches, mini cameras and similar equipment have become great sources to cheat in exams. • It is easier for students to write formulas and notes on graphing calculators, with least chances of being caught.
  27. 27. Lack of Focus • SMS or text messaging has become a favourite pastime of many students. Students are seen playing with their cell phone, iPhones day and night or driving and very often even between lectures. • Being ever-connected to the online world has resulted in lack of focus and concentration in academics and to some extent, even in sports and extra curricular activities.
  28. 28. Advantages • It makes students more excited to learn • help students with busy schedules, freedom to work at home on their own time • train students to learn new technology skills they can use later in the work place • Decrease paper and photocopying costs, promoting concept of "green revolution"
  29. 29. Disadvantages • Many experts and experienced people say that, due to such technology in education, students imagination is affected, their thinking ability is reduced. • Also its sometime time-consuming from teacher’s point of view. • It is costly to install such technology. • There can be health issues too when used over limit. • some students can't afford modern computer technologies