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Amy Jo Kim  CEO, Shufflebrain Virtual Goods Why & How they Work
What are Virtual Goods (vGoods) ?
Digital Items w/Contextual Meaning
Decorative vGoods DO NOT affect stats or gameplay
Functional vGoods DO affect stats or gameplay
What ACTIVITIES are enabled by vGoods?
Socializing Express your identity with a customized avatar
Decorating design your own room, restaurant, garden, farm, fishtank
Shopping  experience the pleasure of browsing/choosing/using new stuff
Gifting express your respect/love/good wishes with a social gesture
Enhanced Gameplay Pay More    Get Ahead Faster
Why do vGoods WORK?
People are impatient (time == money)
People want better stuff
People want to feel important
People want to express themselves
People want to build relationships
People want to show they care
People want to feel good about themselves
vGoods work because  Social Context  provides meaning and emotion…
Online …
…  and Offline
Virtual Goods let you monetize your most engaged players
5 Key Steps for Launching Virtual Goods
1. Create a meaningful context
2. “Prime the pump” with free goods or currency
3. Create demand for premium content
4. Offer fresh content at a range of price points
5. Make it EZ to purchase currency
So remember…
Virtual Goods evoke real emotions…
…  in a well-understood social context
Virtual Goods enable self-expression…
…  and enhance social activities
Virtual Economies drive ongoing use…
…  and turn a game or website into a service
Thank You - Any Questions? [email_address]   @amyjokim on Twitter
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People are impatient (time == Virtual Goods: Why & How They Work

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People are impatient (time == money)

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