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5) how did you attract your target audience?

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5) how did you attract your target audience?

  1. 1. Throughout creating my magazine I used a variety of techniques in order to attract my target audience. <br />One technique I used was mode of address, for this I used a mixture of slang and the Queens English. I did this because my target audience speak like this on a daily basis, therefore by using it they may be able to connect more. When I was reading magazines I found I enjoyed it if the text was less formal as I can ‘Identify’ with the article (Uses and gratification). Therefore I used it in my own magazine. This representation of language will create a relationship with the reader.<br />4890770121094500Another technique was the use of font. Throughout my magazine the entire font is in a sans serif type face, I found that this made it look less formal, ideal for my target audience. When I analysed magazines I found that magazines that used serif typefaces looked more formal and less attractive. By using a sans serif typeface I think it looks less formal and more interesting attracting my target audience.<br />The use of images in my magazine attracts my target audience because it allows them to identify with the model and want to read about them. When creating my magazine I used the model ‘Katie Robb’ who posed as an artist. The low angle shot represents her in a strong and empowered pose. She is the age of my target audience therefore it will draw them in. The representation of Katie is when the audience look at her they will be able to ‘identify’ with her as they are similar ages and the article about her will offer ‘escape’ (uses and gratification) as they can read about her. The way I dressed Katie is similar to what my target audiences would wear, she looks glamorous and attractive, this may make people want to read about her, especially females as they might want to be like her. Overall this will attract my target audience to the magazine.<br />2413057785When creating the magazine I had to think of a mast head, I chose the name ‘UP BEAT’. This is a fun name for a music magazine. I think this will attract my target audience because the name shows the magazine is about music and may make them more inclined to buy it. I made the mast head large and bold so it stands out attracting the audience to the magazine. As it is large and bright purple they will be drawn to the magazine and may buy it. <br />Another way I attracted my target audience to my magazine was by the contents page. I made it very bright and used three images to make it interesting, this will hopefully make them want to read it. As well as this I used 458660511684000copy which included A-List artists, when the audience read them they will instantly want to read the article about them, attracting them to the magazine. The images I used were a way of attracting the audience and telling them about the best articles, I used large images and caption to state the page number. This will attract my audience because the best articles are shown straight away. The actual contents representation will reach the expectations of the audience. <br />The way I set out the magazine also attracts the audience, this is because it clearly shows everything and doesn’t look cluttered. For the front cover I made it simple, I didn’t want to overwhelm the audience with masses of copy therefore I used three cell lines and a strap line. I think this will attract my target audience because it is straight to the point. I found myself as the age of my target audience when looking at magazines too much copy put me off, this was supported by the audience feedback as they said they wanted an equal amount of images and text. For the contents page again I kept it simple, I broke it up by using blocks of purple, I found this made it look clearer. I think this will attract the target audience as it is straight to the point and clear. For the double page spread I used large images so it looked interesting and kept the audience interested.<br />For my magazine I was mainly targeting females, I attracted them to the magazine by using feminine colours such as purple. By them seeing purple they may be more drawn to it then a male colour of green or blue. I also used a female audience, I think this attracts my target audience because they may aspire to be like the artist. Females may want to look like ‘Katie’ therefore will buy the magazine and read about her. This refers to the uses of gratification theory.<br />The first bit of audience research I did was a questionnaire in which I gave to about 20 people who are my target audience. I found they would buy a magazine priced £2 - £3, because of this I set the price at £2.99 this would attract my target audience as it is what they want. My target audience picked the kind of music they want to read about as a ‘mixture’ therefore I did this in order to attract them. I found that my target audience wanted ‘Interviews’ as the content, because of this I did one on the double page spread in order to attract them. <br />One audience feedback I did was asking a few people to look at my drafts and decided what one they like the best. I found for the front page my target audience liked the fact there was one large image, as they said it would draw them in. I also found that they liked the use of cell lines as it gives them an insight into the magazine. For the contents page I found that they liked the images with a page number on so they can find the top stories easy. They also said they liked the ‘editors note’ a lot as it personalizes the magazine. For the double page spread I found that my audience liked the fact the article title went across the page as it is eye catching. An aspect they did not like was the position of the pull quote as it was distracting. Because of this I moved to the bottom on the page so it is less distracting. <br />