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Facebook 101 august 2011

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Facebook 101 august 2011

  1. 1. 713-503-2529www.woodlands-homes.comamy@amysmytheharris.comAmy Smytheamyoutloudashrealestate
  2. 2. Learning objectives – 1. For agents to understand the need to incorporate social media practices in their business 2. Implement best practices and NAR social media guidelines while using Facebook 3. Networking with your Sphere of Influence to generate leads
  3. 3. Facebook BasicsGetting Started 1. Set up an account on a. Write down your log-in and password login-in: password: b. Start filling in your information. Remember depending on how you have your account settings, people may be able to view all your information. c. Load in your profile picture. If you are doing this for real estate, you may want to have your profile picture be the photo that is on your business card. Make sure it is a picture of you. d. Start uploading photos to an album. These can be personal or strictly business. Remember your sphere of influence does like to see pictures of you and your family. e. If you have a video of yourself, you can load that it in under the Video tab. This is a great marketing tool! f. Settings- You will find this in the upper right hand corner toolbar. These can be changed as is necessary. Click on Settings, then click on Account Settings. Then there will a laundry list of items that you can edit. Click on manage under Privacy. You may want to change who is allowed to see your Profile. Your choices are Everyone, My network and friends, Friends of Friends, Only Friends, Customize. The Customize option allows you to set up only certain friends to see specific things, like status updates or photos. Also, check the News Feeds and Wall for your privacy settings. You may not want everyone to get your status updates or be able to write on your wall. There is no right way to do this, but a personal choice. g. Friends- you can add friends through their email or Facebook will look for friends you may know based on what you put in your profile! Then as you add friends you can see their friends and see if you know them. It’s a “6th degree of Separation” thing. Different ways to add friends. You can search by people you email, look through the suggestions which is based on your profile, search for people, or find people you IM. It’s a great way to reconnect with people you have lost track of from your past. h. Create lists of your Friends- go to Account, edit friends, click on All Connections on left hand side. Then click on Create New List in middle of screen. Type in a name for the list, Click on friends you want to add, then hit create list. i. Applications- Allow you to customize your Facebook Profiles. They range from Birthday Cards, We’re related, Pieces of Flair, Pass a drink, Mafia Wars,Photos, Videos, Memorable Web addresses & so many more. It can be just personal items or use the Marketplace for business! j. Wall Post- start posting on other peoples walls. If they make a status update and you want to say “Way to go”, then under their status update, click on Comment, type message, then click on blue Comment box. The “like” button is perfect! k. Update Status- Tell people what is on your mind! It can be short & sweet or long winded!! It can be personal- “ About to work out!” to “Watching paint dry” or it can be about business. “Out to show a client” or “Writing an offer!” Be careful posting all the time about work because most of your friends may not care.Have fun in Facebook! It’s great to reconnect!
  4. 4. Time Management 1. Decide on a time of day that will be the time you spend 15 minutes on FB on your computer. Saying Happy Birthday to people, writing on their walls, responding to Event invites. Set a timer so you will stop once the time beeps!!!! 2. If you have the Facebook Application on your mobile phone, then while waiting at the doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store, or waiting for clients to show up, use that time to engage your friends. Facebook is about building relationships, but know that you will not be able to “talk” to everyone all the time!!!Proper Etiquette & Manners 1. When adding Friends, please send them a message. Don’t assume that because you knew each other 20 years ago, that they still will remember you! 2. In the “Info”, put in your work info, plus an email or cell. Some way to contact you 3. Please don’t Poke people!! 4. Be aware of what you are writing on people’s walls! A good rule of thumb is post only something that you would feel comfortable with your Grandma seeing. 5. Don’t post embarrassing photos of other people and tag them. Also, don’t get upset if they untag you. If someone does this to you, this is the time to send them a FB message (privately) or to call them and ask them to remove it. 6. Breaking up online- if you are in a relationship, please don’t break up on FB without letting the other person know first. 7. If you Share from someone’s wall onto your own wall, please make a comment like, “Great link/article/video & I posted it on my wall”
  5. 5. How to get business using FacebookIf you were standing in a group of friends carrying on a conversation, you wouldnt out of nowheresay: "If you guys are looking to buy or sell real estate, call me." This is old school way of thinking andcan potentially put people off of you. You would talk to them about the typical stuff: Kids, The Rocketsbeating the Lakers, Eating crawfish, being married/single, catching up on each others day to daylives. Eventually, they would ask what you do for a living. Then you tell them. That is what the socialmedia of Facebook is all about. It allows you grow your business digitally by making small talk, letyour SOI get to know you and then you become the go-to person for real estate assistance.Let’s start with some basic fundamentals to grow your business on FB, then you can explode fromthere. 1. Update your status by mentioning you are “Showing a house” or “Negotiating an offer”. You are marketing to your SOI, so remember if you are always posting things that you are doing in real estate, you will make your potential clients on FB upset. So a good rule of thumb is a 10-1 rule. Meaning 10 personal posts to 1 real estate posts. For example, in a 24 hour period, you could post things like: “Waking up and drinking my French Vanilla coffee! Yummy!”, then post, “Headed to meet client to show them homes!”, then later in the day you post, “Going to workout!” or “Chilling in front of the TV catching up on my DVR shows!” 2. Writing on other peoples walls! This can become a very consuming addiction, so you may want to set aside specifics time of the day to do this. The more you write on others walls or status updates, then you increasing your name to them. 3. Posting your listings. Remember to follow NAR Social Media guidelines- 4. Post videos to your FB! What you don’t have any? It’s ok! There are plenty of ready made videos that you can post without making your own. Real estate video ideas for you to post: videos a. Go to and click on Videos on the top right hand side b. Post a video from their library. You will also find the public awareness campaign here under Most Popular. So, maybe you are trying to be more green in your business or you just recently got the NAR GREEN designation, you could post the Eco-friendly kitchen video to your FB. a. b. Search for real estate related items here…Maybe a DIY tip for you clients. Like how to stage a home or how to fix a leaky faucet c. Underneath the video, click Facebook d. Then type in message and click post! e. If you are videoing your listings & posting on youtube, then put your listing video on your FB **Tip** If you are using the link from youtube to post the video, then remember it will get pushed down your wall as more people post. If you want the video to stay permanently in your Video section then the video will need to be uploaded through the video button. **Tip** You can convert any youtube video using a free converter program like or paid converter program like Smart FLV Converter Pro for $39.00
  6. 6. Share someone else’s video a. If you like a video that you see someone has posted on their wall & you would like to post on your wall so you SOI sees it, then under their video, click on the Share button b. Put your information in to “sell” the video and then click Pos Video your own listing with your Flip a. Take video of your listing b. Upload your video to youtube c. Save video to your hard drive d. On Facebook – click on video on Profile page. Click on upload from Hard Drive, then find your listing video on your computer. This way it will always be in the Video Section Make a marketing plan on how often you post real estate related videos- Maybe every Thursday 5. Join Groups This is a great way to meet other real estate agents or connect with new SOI. Click on groups at bottom of the FB page. Then search for Groups. You can also look at your friends to see what groups they may be in to help guide you. 6. Post trivia questions- Same time every week and have a prize for you who wins 7. Post links to news articles. Every once in a while it is okay to open up and speak a little more about what you do: "The Home Buyer Tax Credit is really keeping things jumping here in Houston. We really havent been affected like the rest of the U.S. Florida, California, and Detroit are in bad shape - OUCH!!! Check out this article/link." –Tip by Ozzie Ramirez. a. To post a link, find the link you want and highlight the link. b. Right click and click on copy c. On your status update, click on link and right click and paste there. d. Write a message with it and hit post 8. Get your own vanity with Facebook and post it on your e-mail signatures and business cards. a. Go to b. Type in your name & Voila! 9. Post your listings on Marketplace a. Go to Facebook applications b. Click on Marketplace c. Post your listings 10. Use Facebook as a Database- it is a wealth of information. So if a client needs a Window Cleaning company (personal example), then post it on your wall. Great way to refresh your friend’s memories that you are in the business (without being in their face all the time), your client gets quick information (which they love), and you can normally find someone there to contact even if they are not your friend on Facebook or in your phone as contacts!!!The key to generating business on Facebook is to be genuine, tangible and non-intrusive. It is a hotlead generating place if you follow some of the simple guidelines as stated above. Remember, bepolite, be careful what you say, and have fun reconnecting with potential clients.
  7. 7. Facebook Pros  Application mashup; find people, make connections, email, instant messaging, image/video sharing, etc.  Most people can quickly grasp the value of connecting with friends, family and established contacts; some people report they use Facebook instead of email and IM  More emphasis on deep connections with others vs. who has the most connections  “True Friends” feature increases your transparency to selected connections; almost like having private and public profiles  Huge, rapidly growing installed user base  Inherit stickiness, third party applications, “gift giving” and personal data collection make Facebook a powerful advertising platformFacebook Cons  More difficult to navigate and update  Requires investment of time to realize sustained benefit  Opt in model requires a user to allow others to connect  Less immediate responses; unless you stay logged on continually*Source - real estate agents don’t have time to be on all the social media portals. Thanks goodness thatmost of the social media sites are feeding to each other. Twitter can be added to your Facebook.You can add your Facebook friends onto your Tweetdeck to get status updates. You can addNetworkBlog application to your Facebook so your are blogging from there.Or your can download and update all your social media site updates at once. If you are onthe road constantly & you want to do a status update, then sign up for You call the Jottnumber and tell it to Jott your Facebook or Twitter and record your message. It will take your voice,turn it into text and update the specified social networking site!If you are blogging for business, you may want to have a disclaimer according to TAR stating that “the views expressed herein are mine and do not reflect those of my company"Two great websites to pull content from for FB: Future of Social NetworkingIn the end, Facebook is simply a communication tool; which will continue to evolve as users find newways to extract value in their personal & professional domain. As the evolution continues, you will seemore social media sites that provide a multi-functional platform
  8. 8. Checklist for FacebookProfile Page  Adding picture  Adding comment under photo  Information correct on Information Tab  Know what the privacy settings are here before they become your friendAdding Multi-Media  Adding Photo Albums  Adding mobile uploads  Adding videos  Adding photo to wall  Adding photo to profile pictures  Commenting on video or photos  Sharing video  Tagging photos/videos  Untagging photos/videos  Tagging someone in a post  Finding friends through search  Finding friends through Friend Finder  Finding friends through mutual friends  How to add a friend  How to send them a message when you add a friend  How to create friend lists  How to add friends to your lists  How to hide friends from the Newsfeeds  How to delete friendsPrivacy Settings  Search Settings  Notification Settings  Block user  Application Settings  Block photos being tagged of you (personal choice)  Block ApplicationsCommunication  Wall-to-Wall  Chat  Commenting on Photos/Status Updates/Videos/Links  FB Inbox- “FB me”
  9. 9. Applications  Installing Applications –Twitter, Countdown Calendar, Links, etc.Groups  Searching for Groups  Joining Groups  Starting your own GroupFan Pages  Searching for Fan pages  Becoming a FanEvents  Adding event  Inviting to an event  Reminders with eventsReal Estate ideas  Post your listing to FB  Post your listing video to  Upload your listing video to FB  Post videos from  Add links from or  Add links from