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Katho Branding101_Brand Strategy & Marketing Mix

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Katho Branding101_Brand Strategy & Marketing Mix

  1. 1. Branding 101 Brand strategy & the Marketing Mix @ana_adi |
  2. 2. feature=player_embedded&v=KEptBv3xy5c@ana_adi |
  3. 3. decisions: brand name discount functionality wholesale pricing Product Price quality seasonal pricing safety suggested retail price packaging warranty repairs Benefits Position in the marketplace USP Position in the Strategy (skimming/ penetration/ Features marketplace premium) channels of distribution Integrated Marketing speed of delivery Communications (Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, transportation location Sales promotion, Personal selling, warehousing order Word-of-mouth, Interactive processing online inventory... marketing, Events) Place@ana_adi | Promotion
  4. 4. Iconic brands Target national contradictions and challenge anxieties and desires in society Create myths that lead culture Speak with a rebel’s voice Draw on political authority to rebuild the myth Draw on cultural knowledge@ana_adi |
  5. 5. Global branding Valuable intangible asset Standardization Solid demand for product Homogenization Ability to reproduce Integration (of consumer experience in marketing activities) new market@ana_adi |
  6. 6. What are the weaknesses and risks of global branding?@ana_adi |
  7. 7. Identify adaptations of global brands in your own country. Describe the marketing mix. What strategies have they followed to ensure the local but also maintain a global brand following?@ana_adi |
  8. 8. IMC@ana_adi |
  9. 9. IMC@ana_adi |
  10. 10. @ana_adi |
  11. 11. Category needed Brand attitude Brand awareness Purchase intention Informational/transformational appeals Message Positive/Negative appeals Creative Expertise Adaptation Trustworthiness Likeability Personal Advocate Social Non-personal Expert Integration Media Events Sales promotion Public Relations@ana_adi |
  12. 12. Affordable Percentage of sales Competitive parity Objective-and-task@ana_adi |
  13. 13. @ana_adi |
  14. 14. A typology of the different ways consumers behave as participatory, creative collectives in online communities Source: R. V. Kozinets, A. Hemetsberger and H. J. Schau (2008) The wisdom of consumer crowds: collective innovation in the age of networked marketing, Journal of Macromarketing. Copyright © 2008 Sage Publications, Inc.@ana_adi |