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Facebook as an educational tool

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Why and how you can use facebook at school. What we have done at EES N° 572 (Rosario, Argentina).

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Facebook as an educational tool

  1. 1. FacebookWhy and howwe can use itProf. Ana MiottiEESO N° 572
  2. 2. The explosion ofdigital, social and mobile technologieshas profoundly changed the way peoplelive.
  3. 3. Web 2.0 :Participatory web, socialmediaWeb 1.0 :Web as a source ofinformation
  4. 4. Social mediaInteractive platforms through which individualsand communities share information and ideasand create or co-create , discuss, and modifyuser-generated content.
  5. 5. Social mediaIts redefining how we relate to each other spend our free time get our news do business protest or revolt against repressive regimes
  6. 6. What’s the impact ofsocial mediaon teenagers’ lives?
  7. 7. Hanging out onsocial networkingwebsites hasbecome one ofthe most popularpastime activities
  8. 8. Through social media, teens:• develop a sense of who theyare.• build social relationships.
  9. 9. Collaborative(wikipedia)Virtual SocialWorlds(Second Life)Virtual GameWorlds ( Worldof Warcraft)SocialNetworkingSites(Facebook)ContentCommunities(Youtube)Blogs andMicroblogs(Twitter)Haenlein (2010)
  10. 10. The most popularsocial networking sitewith over 900 millionactive monthly usersworldwide.Facebook
  11. 11. Facebook = distraction
  12. 12. Aneducational tool?
  13. 13. Students, families, and teachers aregoing to use Facebook regardless ofwhether or not schools choose to doso.
  14. 14. ”Social media isnt going away and thesooner education leadership embracesit, the sooner we can benefit from itsubiquity, power, and attractive pricepoint (free with cost of a computer andinternet).”Betty Ray Edutopia SeniorBlog Editor andCommunity Manager“What the Heck Do WeDo with Social Media?”
  15. 15. "We need to see [social media] througha bigger lens -- as a tool for globalempowerment."Angela MaiersEducator/author(@angelamaiers)
  16. 16. Key characteristics that can makeFacebook an attractive learningplatform:
  17. 17. SupportivelearningatmosphereEmpathyUnderstandingYou get toknow yourstudentsand theyget toknow YOU
  18. 18. Expand the traditional classroom.Resources areavailableanywhere/ all thetimeFlexiblelearning/teachinghours.
  19. 19. Traditional &21st centuryskillsCreativityCollaborationTechnologyproficiencyCommunication
  20. 20. How can we integratefacebook use into thecurriculum?
  21. 21. Steps we have taken at EES N°572
  22. 22. EES N° 572 Public school In the suburbs of Rosario No computer lab/netbooksBUTo Most students and teachershave internet access.o Interest in technologyo Qualified staff.
  23. 23. Teachers have set up a professional profile•Control what studentssee.•Do not worry aboutprivacy settings.PersonalprofileProfessionalprofile
  24. 24. Facebook groupsOne perclass/group/subject
  25. 25. Groups allow teachers to:• interact with students who may notbe in their friendship network.• post, comment, chat, add photosand videos, create documents orevents, and ask questions via polls.• Have multi-media conversationsand class projects.
  26. 26. OpenAnyone canbecome a memberand see what’s in it.ClosedYou have to beinvited to join thegroup and see whatmembers post.SecretOnly members seethe group, whos init, and what peoplepost there.Groups may be…
  27. 27. A teachers’ grouphas also beencreatedIt allows teachers to :•Keep in touch•share experiences•ask questions
  28. 28. Teachers have started posting news and student-generated material.
  29. 29. • Use tools that students andteachers are comfortable with.• Foster collaboration• Promote student responsibility• Keep families informed• Showcase school culture• Get feedback from the community
  30. 30. Do you want to know more about thisexperience or share yours?Contact meAna C. Miotti @anacmiotti
  31. 31. Thank you!