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IBM Payments Gateway - Retail Payment Revenue Opportunity for Financial Services

Digital payments are growing 5x faster than traditional card-present transactions and new payment types and even local and regional merchants, retailers and billers are going online and mobile. The acquiring banks and service providers who support them need a fast, secure and reliable way to generate new revenue while delivering enhanced payment experiences to their clients’ customers without additional capital expenditures and worries about regulatory security mandates.

Add new retail payments revenue by providing the ability to extend customer payment options globally, reduce exposure risks to customer payment data and go to market and scale quickly and easily.

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IBM Payments Gateway - Retail Payment Revenue Opportunity for Financial Services

  1. 1. IBM Payments Gateway a new opportunity to extend retail payment
  3. 3. DISRUPTOR: But digitally empowered customers are most concerned about credit fraud when paying online of customers abandoned their shopping cart due to concerns over payments security.2 of online shoppers want to see a variety of payment options at checkout.1 1 Milo Local Shopping, NO CART LEFT BEHIND: WHY SHOPPERS AREN’T FOLLOWING THROUGH ON ONLINE PURCHASES, 2013, 2 Statista, “Why do online shoppers leave without paying?” 2012, of consumers are afraid of having their credit card data stolen and abused – higher than those concerned about national security and war.4
  4. 4. DISRUPTOR: However, most consumers still trust banks to secure their data more than social and tech organizations 5% 2% 5% 84% Most Trusted Payment Solution 4% Consumer’s Bank Payment Service Providers Other Suppliers Tech Companies (Google, Apple) Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Other Banks 1 ING International Survey 2015,
  6. 6. A complete solution for digital commerce payments over 170 different payment methods with a deployment-ready solution Highly Configurable Consistent Omni-Channel Shopping Experience Customer-focused Services for Easy Repeat Purchases to over 220 banks and processors in over 70 countries Grow Globally Quickly and Easily Local Market Analysis & Worldwide Support IBM Brand Recognition as a Business Partner customer data to allow them to shop with confidence PCI-Compliant Data Vault Manage All Payment Credentials Absorbs Regulation Compliance Burden from a single view of payments across all channels and locations Manage Payment Routing Automates Settlement Reconciliation Straightforward Data Feed 6
  7. 7. Retail payments acceptance solution for merchants, processors and acquiring banks 7 Payer (Consumer) Transaction Acquirer Payee (Merchant) Issuer Processor Instrument Issuer Acceptance Technologies: Payments Management: Integrate through APIs to pre-integrated payment methods, banks and processors around the globe. A cloud-based payment management solution with one view of payments and reconciliation across channels. Network Acquirer Processor
  8. 8. A truly global solution with locale-specific currency and payment type support. 8 In use by manufacturers, credit processors, retailers and telecoms around the world.
  9. 9. MANAGE: IBM Payments Gateway provides complete reconciliation and insight into all payments activity 9 Straight-Through Processing Data feeds designed to lower manual workload and achieve straight-through processing of payments. • Automated closing and (re-)opening of accounts receivable (A/R) records • Automated posting of bank and processor fees • Automated cash application and deposit forecasting Lower Settlement Costs Automated reconciliation of funds settlement combined with a managed service, which handles exceptions and ensures proper settlement on every transaction. • Controls over lost settlements, fees and downgrades, settlement timeliness, and foreign exchange • Managed service to reduce operating costs
  10. 10. SECURE: Highly secure data vault in the cloud and tokenized communication means no longer having to manage customer credit data and security headaches in house 10 PCI Data Vault with Tokenization IBM Payments Gateway stores all payment information in a PCI vault where the information is encrypted, protected by strict access controls, and purged when no longer needed. The vault includes a tokenization mechanism that works in all interface modules, tools, feeds and reports. This enables centralization and outsourcing the storage of all payment information to the data vault. Embedded Fraud Prevention • Address Verification Service (AVS) check • Card Verification Code (CVC) check • Card issuer and country check • 3D secure cardholder authentication • Dynamic security checks
  11. 11. Increase transaction rate leverage by enabling processing through multiple banks while reducing cost through complex payments reconciliation insight and chargeback dispute analysis. Assist counter-fraud activities with complex multi-bank reconciliation and dispute insights while eliminating concerns of data at rest, regulation compliance and system exposure. Leverage the SaaS cloud architecture to alleviate time-to-market, scalability and security concerns by offloading the burden of PCI-compliance, data security and regulation maintenance to IBM. Offer customers frictionless and secure payment options across devices and channels, reducing checkout abandonment and improving the entire shopping experience with over 170 payment methods in over 70 countries to help your business grow globally. IBM Payments Gateway generates deep engagement opportunities for banks with their merchant customers. 11
  13. 13. Tested and benchmarked to provide exceptional performance when our clients need it most. 13 Deployed on cloud systems by IBM, one of the world’s top 3 cloud providers according to analysts and researchers. 1 1 Synergy, IBM, Amazon and Salesforce Lead in Cloud Infrastructure, 2014,
  14. 14. IBM Payments Gateway is easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to manage 14 Multiple Web, API and App Integration Options • JSON API – Provides full control of payment GUI and user experience, a RESTFull HATEOAS interface. Ready for web 2.0 and HTML5 with PCI- DSS insulation and a full suite of transactions, for all payment methods. Can be extended with full Andoid and iOS source code libraries. • Hosted Payment Page - Embeds “payment page” into merchants website to receive and store payment info (e.g. credit card #) within a PCI compliant vault requiring no additional development. Comprehensive Payments Insight and Control • Technical Issues • Entry point: 2nd Level Support Desk • Escalation: Support Desk Manager / Duty Manager • Business Related Issues • Entry point: IPG Account Manager • Escalation: IPG Operations Team Lead / PS Operations Manager { JSON }javascript object notation iOS android
  15. 15. IBM provides reseller account management, Level 1, 2 and 3 technical and business support as part of the managed service 15 Account Management and Trouble Ticketing • Account Manager – a IPG account manager will be assigned to handle the IPG business related communication; such as inquiries, change coordination, and on-boarding coordination. The account manager will also provide the monthly business review report. • Level 2 Technical Support - a 24/7 support desk available to all resellers. They handle all technical questions and all severity 1 and 2 incidents. • Level 3 Technical Support - a team of specialists in IT operations and development. They are part of the advanced problem diagnostics and resolving team. Comprehensive Support Structure • Technical Issues • Entry point: 2nd Level Support Desk • Escalation: Support Desk Manager / Duty Manager • Business Related Issues • Entry point: IPG Account Manager • Escalation: IPG Operations Team Lead / PS Operations Manager
  17. 17. million debit, credit pre-paid and commercial cards issued in processors’ regional footprint. banks and member cooperatives that now have access to deliver a digital wallet solution to their customers through the new service 430 IBM Payments Gateway 17 A large European payments processor needed to develop a strategy to compete in the digital wallet space against competition like PayPal and Google Wallet for online, mobile and NFC sales. The IPG solution was deployed to cardholders and provides wallet services, payments gateway, merchant on- boarding and hosted payment/checkout pages. Better financial services made with IBM 3700+
  18. 18. vehicles/owners in use that have accounts and need payments management movements are tracked daily and corresponding payments must be processed when peak charges are assessed 250k IBM Payments Gateway 18 A European transportation agency needed an easier and simpler way to let their residents pay for peak traffic driving and express lane surcharges which must be paid within 24 hrs of occurance. The IPG solution expanded payment options to auto billing, credit/debit card, IVR and SMS. The solution also simplified and reduced fee collection costs as well. Better cities made with IBM 450k
  19. 19. expected purchase transactions per year direct to the consumer via the online channel subsidiary companies leveraging the same cloud-based payment system at checkout 600k IBM Payments Gateway 19 A multi-national toy and board game company located in North America was deploying a new online storefront solution for B2B and B2C sales. The company selected IBM Payments Gateway to accept multiple credit/debit card, ACH and digital wallet payment types along with a card-on-file solution to streamline subsequent customer checkout experiences. Better retailing made with IBM 12
  20. 20. IBM is dedicated to your success, in your industry Unparalleled Industry Expertise • Accelerate solution design and thorough business process expertise • Reduce project risk with reusable implementation patterns and support for industry standards • The #1 Banking Industry provider as ranked by the FinTech 100 Extensive Industry Support Community • IBM partners with the top banks in the world to invest in innovative design, functionality, and integration • Dedicated resources within Global Business Services with an average of more than 10 years of experience • Services organization closely aligned with software products to effectively translate technology into business outcomes Significant Technical Investment • Over $3 billion invested in the last 3 years to create a truly smarter approach to commerce • Integrated products for easier implementation and increased speed to value • Synchronized product roadmaps across software portfolio