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IMS-KÖEPFER, ESTEIRE, S.L. programa de fabricacion de IMS-KÖEPFER

ESTEIRE, S.L. suministra fresas madre, tanto para engranajes cilíndricos como vis-sinfines, del fabricante alemán IMS-KÖEPFER en metal duro.
* Precio sin competencia.
* Plazo de entrega muy corto (6 - 10 semanas).

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IMS-KÖEPFER, ESTEIRE, S.L. programa de fabricacion de IMS-KÖEPFER

  1. 1. ESTEIRE, S.L. Programa de suministro FRESAS MADRE y FRESAS DE DISCO en metal duro (IMS - KOEPFER) ESTEIRE, S.L. MADRID: Paseo de la Habana, 20 - Bajo Izquierda 28036 Madrid Telfs: 91 561 68 66 / 91 561 19 02 FAX: 91 411 73 10 E-mail: BARCELONA: Sometens, 2 - 20 / 5º - 3ª 8950 Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) Telf: 649 93 10 38 FAX: 93 204 32 69 E-mail:
  2. 2. ESTEIRE, S.L. (visiten nuestra página web: Página 2 Los tiempos actuales exigen plazos cada vez más cortos y precios más competitivos; aunque sean en productos tan especiales, como son las FRESAS MADRE o FRESAS MODULARES en metal duro. ESTEIRE, S.L., suministrando los productos de nuestra representada IMS - KOEPFER, se ajusta a las necesidades actuales. Nuestra representada IMS es competitiva porque: a) Precios muy competitivos, aún comparando con proveedores que venden sus productos en $. Rogamos tengan en cuenta, que la tendencia del $ frente al € es revalorizarse; por lo que los cálculos hechos hace un par de meses ahora, por ejemplo, el $ se ha revalorizado un 6 % frente al € en cuestión de un par de meses. b) Plazo de entrega muy competitivo. El plazo de entrega estándar es 9 - 10 semanas, frente a las 14 - 16 semanas de la competencia. Incluso, hay posibilidad de entrega más corto para unos determinados rangos. Más abajo, en la presentación en inglés de nuestra representada IMS, lo recalca (para más información, rogamos visiten su página web: Los productos de nuestra representada IMS son (siempre en metal duro). a) FRESAS MADRE: - Para tallado de engranajes: rectos, helicoidales, epicicloidales - Para tallado de cadenas, - Para acanalados: rectos, helicoidales - Para tornillos sin fin: una sola entrada, multientradas - Para aplicaciones especiales. Desde Calidad A hasta AAA Recubiertas con el tipo de recubrimiento que el cliente desee. FRESAS MADRE con agujero o con eje. Con las características que el cliente desee, y si tiene dudas, nosotros le ayudamos a decidir. b) FRESAS MODULARES: - Para tallado de engranajes: rectos, helicoidales, etc. - Para tallado de cremalleras. - Para tornillos sinfín: una sola entrada, multientradas. - Para aplicaciones especiales. Rogamos echen un vistazo a continuación a la presentación de IMS, en inglés. Estamos a su disposición para cualquier duda. ESTEIRE, S.L. Paseo de la Habana, 20 - 28036 Madrid Telfs: 91 561 68 66 / 91 561 19 02 FAX: 91 411 73 10 E-mail:
  3. 3. The Cutting Edge | Precision and Innovation Representing one of the leading Specialists in development and production of high precision cutting tools, IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools shows it´s presence on the national market as well as on the global market. Sustained thinking characterizes this enterprise just as well as innovating solutions in all operating areas. IMS KOEPFER relies on a wide range of manufacture and offers a compact range of tools made of HSS, PM-HSS and Carbide. Due to the approved Quality Management System DIN EN ISO9001:2008 the quality of our processes and products is assured. Independent of the required quantity, every individual designed tool is subject to the constant high standard of quality. The modern and innovative machinery and highly motivated employees are the basis for a strong customer focus and a maximum in flexibility. IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools GmbH – world-wide partner for success.
  4. 4. Ahead of the future | yesterday, today und tomorrow In 1863 Johann Morat and four years later Josef Koepfer with their companies laid the foundation for today´s enterprise. Its subsidiaries, dealing with manufacturing of gear cutting tools, merged in 2004 to IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools GmbH – a young and dynamic enterprise with an extensive tradition. That´s no contradiction: with over 140 years of experience in gear cutting and a well-defined concept for the future. IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools stands for highest customer focus and raised awareness for the market-orientation.
  5. 5. 1. Software development for gear cutting design Our constant development of our own soft- ware tools for computing 3D gear cutting designs allows us to meet our customers’ demands at any time. 2. Development in process and production Based on a systematic analysis and definition of product requirements of our customers, we are designing effective and reliable process chains. For this we always sound the edge of the technically feasible in conside- ration of newest technologies and a far- reaching advancement in knowledge. By observing the world-wide market con- stantly and intensively and conversing with our customers we produce tools of the future and to our customers’expectations. 3. Process planning and construction We use our own software to simulate production processes and transfer gear profiles to tool reference profiles. CAD/CAM systems safely and reliably transmit the computed profiles to dressing, grinding and gauging machines, providing the best quality and specially designed tool even for highly complex applications. 4. Production We develop our CNC grinding machines ourselves, which means that we can deliver tools in any geometry, from one-off pieces to large mass-produced series. Logarithmic relieving keeps the profile constant over the effective length. 5. Sharpening and coating service Our service affords ultimate regrinding precision and an extended selection of coating materials. 6. Profiling Service Cutting tools which do not meet the techni- cal requirements anymore due to damages or mainly failing profile accuracy caused by abrasion can be reworked steadily, quickly and in high quality. 7. Express Tools We support you in maintaining your limited lead time. In special cases you will recieve our tools shortly after order, including the coating. Standard profiles are often available from stock, just ask our sales department! 8. Consulting, Service and Sales Use our consulting services before placing the offer. We work out the best application policy for your tools and accompany you right to the trial stage in production. Our sales department offers technical compe- tence and advice. 1 Software development for gear cutting design 3 Process planning and construction 4 Production 5 Sharpening and coating service 6 Profiling Service 7 Express Tools 8 Consulting Service Sales 2 Development in process and production
  6. 6. Sales and Employees Facts and figures Maschinery 14 CNC relieving machines 3 CNC gauging machines 7 CNC sharpening machines 4 conventional sharpening machines Production area 2,100 sqm 5.837 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 51 7.338 58 7.204 56 8.196 58 8.215 63 7.840 66 8.354 68 9.538 75 2008 10.108 76 2009 5.876 70 20101 7.560 66 15% HSS, PM-HSS 85% HM (Carbide) 60% Automotive suppliers 20% Supplier of gear components 8% Job gear cutting 8% Power tools Sales in Euro 1,000 Employees 4% Others Industry key Distribution HSS/HM (Carbide) 1 Plan (09/2010)
  7. 7. 3h BlackForest Suisse Austria France Frankfurt Stuttgart Zurich Lake ConstanceBasle Strasbourg Freiburg Geneva Munich Eisenbach IMS KOEPFER Cutting Tools GmbH Hauptstraße 52 D–79871 Eisenbach Phone +49 (0) 7657 81-9 Fax +49 (0) 7657 81-33100 E-Mail
  8. 8. A joint venture of and KOEPFER IMSKOEPFERCuttingToolsGmbH©09/2010