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Power point xmas laura sánchez


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Power point xmas laura sánchez

  1. 1. ChristmaChristma ss
  2. 2. What Christmas is?What Christmas is? At Christmas we celebrate the Cristo’s birth, December 25th.
  3. 3. TraditionsTraditions
  4. 4. Decorate • We decorate our houses and the streets. The streets are decorated with lights, bells and trees. The houses are decorated with a big tree, lights, nativity scene… Usually on top of the tree there is a star.
  5. 5. Dinners with the family • All years people celebrate Christmas with their family and dinner with them. In my family, we usually eat canapes, clear soup, seafood and roast meat. And for dessert, turrón and polvorones.
  6. 6. Christmas carol • Families sing the Christmas carol and they play tambourines and zambombas.
  7. 7. Presents • People get given presents the part of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. They put the presents under the tree.
  8. 8. My opinion I love decorate my house with my parents and sister. My uncles and my cousins come to Salamanca to celebrate Christmas with us. I like sing Christmas carol with all my family. I love presents, of course!