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2 CV File Business International Recommendations andreas A Bourkas

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2 CV File Business International Recommendations andreas A Bourkas

  1. 1. CV File: 2 andreas Bourkas Official Pages of Business CV: 11 Information for the International Professional Business (Positions Jobs-References): • Work Experience Professional Education, General Strategy Certified Knowledge Training, Trading: a. International Business® Administration, b. Globally Services Import and Export Products, Services, Cargo, c. Operational Research, d. Host Business Sale Develop Manager, e. Management Model Business. Benefits: U.1., U.3., On the CV File 1  U.2. Benefit: Privilege Worldwide Based Scientific Conference in the: U.S.A. Embassy® in Athens of Greece: 91, Vasilisis Sophias Avenue, 101 60, Athens, Greece Phone (Main Switchboard/Info): +30-210-721-2951 ♣ Date: Thursday 9 February 2012 | Time: 13:00 p.m. | Educating, Presented: CBS, Characterized by the Unique Methods of the Legal Community Blood Services® (Since 1954-CBS Bank Families Bloods), Certified Highly Accredited Government Mother`s Laboratories Worldwide in the New Jersey of the U.S.A., Including Certified Highly Accredited American Globally Staff: Programs: Elie Katz Umbilical Cord Blood Therapy, Storage Only the Stem Cells of the babies Bloods & Running the Programs of the Bone Marrow, Human Bloods, too. Patent USA Globally with approval researching 55 Years - ago, (1st first-based-References-Research-Results-Leader Scientific Lab Organization). Educating - Presented the Programs to the Greek, Cyprus, E.U. of ‘’Obstetricians’’ and ‘’Gynecologists’’ ``Doctors`` etc. People (with invitations), (Was constructed and created),  More Information: Full Concept Partners Co-participant within Cooperation (Globally Business Recommendations -References) and Jobs: [1] File: 2 CV Business Social Official: andreas Apostolos Bourkas 38, Elefteriou Venizelou Road, Aghia Paraskevi, 153 41, Athens, Attica, Greece, E.U., Personal ID Number and Vat: F 00 2679 & 051 13 2912 Email: | Home Telephone: +30 210 6514143 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________