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Andreea Octavia STANCU                     Email:; Web:             ...
Social Media Marketing & Online Marketing        Part of the NSN global newsletter team, delivering weekly the news selec...
VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCEProject Manager – Access2Education (Knowledge transfer)                                            ...
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Andreea Octavia Stancu - En general CV

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Andreea Octavia Stancu - En general CV

  1. 1. Andreea Octavia STANCU Email:; Web: Mobile: +49 151 40 33 05 33 (DE); +40 755 87 66 00 (RO)OVERVIEWFreelance contractor in Munich with a global perspective, offering consulting, knowledge, skills and experience related tosocial media planning, online marketing campaigns, project and event management, creating advertising materials andbrand and identity management, market research and analysis, marketing management, IT change management,trainings development and delivery.KEY SKILLS:Marketing projects, branding & graphic design skills  I worked on creating and implementing the marketing strategy of the companies that I represented. I have working experience as marketing manager and as project manager, coordinating trade shows, conferences and seminar events. Besides my corporate experiences, I was also volunteering as a conference chair and as a trainer, all these developing my communication and presentation skills and my capacity to manage multiple processes, teams and projects happening simultaneously.  I organized the marketing presence of Polystart (group of 9 engineering & construction companies) on exhibition surfaces of 20-81 m2 during major national & local exhibitions (Exposecurity, Romtherm, Camex, recruitment fairs in 2006, 2007, 2008)  I managed budgets of up to 14.000 Euros for different marketing activities needed by the 9 companies belonging to the Polystart group, working with diverse external entities (PR, advertising and branding agencies, print houses, translation companies, event organizers, newspapers and radios etc), sometimes working together against really tight deadlines, especially for organizing the trade fairs presence.  I organized partner marketing activities aimed at supporting the overall sales strategies of the software company where I worked, Digital Systems, and its partner companies. I also analyzed different direct and indirect sales channels and various partnerships during my work for the graduation thesis about the software industry in Romania with accent on outsourcing and clustering strategies. The sales department had in just one month after the event more contacts with prospects than in any sales months from the 2 previous years of direct sales.  I improved the client aquisition process and the pre-sales process by doing different internal and external research and by working on new ways to bring clients for the business  I worked on developing new brand proposals for different clients of the advertising agency and of the companies where I worked  Graphic design for diverse visual and marketing collaterals needed during my marketing experience (company brochures and offers for diverse sales, events & trade fairs purposes, stand design needed for exhibitions, promotion flyers, job advertising for HR purposes, magazine and newspapers inserts, restaurant menu redesign, flyers promoting different menu offers, events and concerts etc)  Working with diverse printing houses, advertising agencies and branding companies when there was a need for outsourcing our graphic design plans.Business Intelligence - Market research and analysis  Updated the ownership structure of more than 200 telecommunication operators from the NSN global database and worked with a partner company for updating their financial figures and calculating relevant KPIs needed by our department.  Part of the RI (Regional Intelligence) team that delivered the Top of European Telecommunication Operators and the 2009 Customer Profile Analysis for the world top telecommunication groups of operators (France Telecom, Telefonica O2, Vodafone)  Delivered market analysis for different countries - UK, Austria, Spain, Romania – based on the other departments request.  Generated customers reports, extracted and processed relevant information for our projects from diverse sources (databases/newsletters/analysts reports) like Telegeography, Global Insight, Total Telecom, Current Analysis, Informa Telecoms&Media, Global.Factiva (Reuters & Dow Jones News Service ), Gartner, IDC (International Data Corporation) etc.  Created and interpreted different client survey questionnaires
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing & Online Marketing  Part of the NSN global newsletter team, delivering weekly the news selection for WSE and NE regions.  Creating and setting up the social media marketing strategy of two companies that I worked for, using Hootsuite to implement and mantain a constant activity on the social media marketing channels (Facebook page and group, Twitter), the blogging platform and the presence in different other online channels (Google places, diverse local online websites or forums etc)  Being teams evangelist related to the news and advancements in the field of social media and online marketing  Assisting with content, tone, graphic design and delivery of targeted e-newsletters, online ads and social media updates  Custom reporting using our e-commerce platform for diverse online marketing campaigns  Setting up & coordinating Facebook ads campaign in DE and AT, testing an average of 5 ads/country and reaching CTR of 0,05% in DE and 0,15% in AT , with a budget of aprox 350E/country during 2 weeks of campa ign. (On average, the click-through rate for Facebook ads is around 0.05%, half of the industry average of 0.10% for other online campaigns)  Ongoing competitive reporting about the on-site, social media, newsletters and online campaigns activities of our competitors  Constructing the website structure and content together with the team and implementing it together with the site developer  Coordinating the launch campaign of the projects website and supporting the development and implementation of a PR campaign with the purpose to attract more young Romanians that can offer interviews about their educational experiences abroadCommunication & Training skills  Project planning and team management across different time zones, working with the help of different online tools  PR responsible for Civitas PSG and Civitas Dir, two companies from the group offering human security services  Organizing the first 2 press conferences for the AIESEC trainees brought in Craiova and initiated the socially responsible project called “Learn to change the future”, that continues until present with excellent results for AIESEC Craiova. In 2011 it was the biggest project of AIESEC Craiova, bringing 15 international trainees that worked with over 150 highschool students and delivered an important impact in my home city.  I delivered training modules on: Creativity Techniques, Cultural Shock, Project Management, eXchange (PBOX) Project Management, Stages of a sales meeting, Coaching, Teamwork, Discovering yourself, Volunteering and Responsibility.  Chair of 2 AIESEC conferences in Germany, Facilitator of a conference of AIESEC Craiova, Romania.  I know fluent English at negotiation level, complemented by fluent conversational French, native Romanian and a basic understanding and communication in German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.Technical & Computer skills  I have a good understanding of marketing in IT & technical business environments, based on my working experience in companies that were activating mostly in technical fields of work (electrical and mechanical installations, constructions, software development and outsourcing, telecommunications)  I am familiar with the ITIL v3 processes as a result of my IT change management analyst experience  My proficient computer skills are based on my informatics high-school education where I received IIIrd place recognition at the county informatic students contest and on my keen interest for computer work in analysis and graphic design. Throughout my entire working experience I developed these skills due to a high amount of daily work with different software, needed for graphic design, online marketing, social media, creating and editing the design and/or text content for a variety of audiences.WORK EXPERIENCE:Change Management Analyst January 2012 – May 2012Working as a freelancer contractor, representing IT Staffing Netherland ( working for European Patent Office (EPO) München, Germany – ( Media Marketing Responsible November 2010 – September 2011Online Marketing Department, SanaExpert Gesundheit GmbH, München, Germany – ( & Social Media Responsible July 2010 – November 2010Cafe Camera & Hotel Achterbahn, München, Germany – ( trainee in the Regional Business Intelligence (RI)Team January 2009 - September 2009Strategy & Business Development (SBD) Department, Nokia Siemens Networks, München, Germany - ( Manager May 2006 – December 2008Polystart Impex, Craiova, Romania, a group of 9 engineering & construction companies ( Project Coordinator February 2006 - April 2006T&V Advertising Agency, Craiova, Romania ( & Business Development Manager March 2005 - January 2006Digital Systems, Craiova, Romania (
  3. 3. VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCEProject Manager – Access2Education (Knowledge transfer) May 2011 – PresentGRASP - Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals ( & Conference Involvement April 2004 – PresentAIESEC Craiova, Romania and AIESEC München, Würzburg, Stuttgart, Germany ( President Intercultural eXchange, AIESEC Craiova, Romania March 2004 –March 2005FORMAL EDUCATIONMaster in Business Administration - University of Craiova, Romania 2006-2008Bachelor Diploma in Marketing - Economic Sciences Faculty - University of Craiova, Romania 2001-2005Assistant Programmer Diploma - "Ştefan Odobleja" Informatics High School, Craiova, Romania 1996-2001INFORMAL EDUCATION“International Trainers Conference” - ITC 2009 19th-26th of April 2009Internationally recognized as trainer/coach/facilitator by AIESEC International ( )EMPRETEC - “Entrepreneurial Training Workshop” 20th - 31st March 2006Internationally recognized by UNCTAD - EMPRETEC and NASMEC-Craiova (OTIMMC)( ), ( )"Train the Trainers" - TTT Romania 14th – 16th April 2004Nationally recognized as trainer/coach/facilitator by AIESEC Romania"Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility: Romania" 2nd -20th of April 2003Internationally recognized by the World Bank Institute ( AND INTERESTS  Language Skills: • English, French – fluent • Romanian -native • German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese - beginner  Computer Skills: High level of computer proficiency in MSOffice Software Package and all Internet utilities, Lotus Notes Inbox, HootSuite user for social media, experience with project management tools like Mantis and BaseCamp, graphic design in Corel Draw, photo editing in Adobe Photoshop, movie creation with Windows Movie Maker, TSD (Tivoli Service Desk = Change Management Process software), Solidus eCare (Service Number Management Software), Babylon library (Knowledge Management system)  Social skills: In Q4 2008 I took a personality test from RightPath Romania, (, and my profile was the Motivator: high energy, good communication skills and very sociable, optimist, objective and in the middle between spontaneous and methodical.  Interests: Branding, Advertising, Creativity, Change management, Entrepreneurship, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0., Business Intelligence, Marketing Management, Customer Care, CSR, Organizational Culture, Coaching and Facilitating, Training development, International Cultures.  Hobbies: watching the inspiring talks from, writing on my personal site & blog (, cross cultural communication and interaction, connecting people and ideas and moving things forward, cooking or baking evenings with friends, dancing (salsa, forró ), attending live concerts, reading, graphic design, drawing.RECOMMENDATIONS  Link to my recommendations: