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SOS Medical Group

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SOS Medical Group

  1. 1. Our mission at SOS is to provide comprehensive, quality medical services in an efficient and caring environment.
  2. 2. SOS Medical is a provider of high quality medical services and one of the pioneers of ambulance and emergency services. Relaxed atmosphere, modern equipment, a wide range of high quality medical services, a team of experienced doctors treating the health problems of our patients with respect and dedication make SOS Medical the perfect choice for your family. Our staff has permanent access to newest medical information and is continuously trained, so that medical requirements of our customers are always satisfied with the efficiency, timeliness and maximum professionalism.
  3. 3. During our extensive activity on the Romanian healthcare market, SOS services have diversified, currently covering a wide range of consultations, in the clinic or at home, for the following medical specialties: Family Medicine, Paediatrics, Cardiology, Gynaecology and Emergency Services as well as various other primary care services. SOS Medical Clinic provides the following medical services to its customers: medical consultations, investigations, various analysis, treatments, medical documents, etc. Depending on your choice, medical examinations may be held by appointment at the SOS Medical Clinic or in your home or office.
  4. 4. Family Medicine is free of charge for patients insured in the National Health Insurance System (CNAS) that are also registered on the SOS Family Doctor list, who can issue fully or partially compensated prescriptions for medication. If the medical condition of the patient requires further investigation, the Doctor will issue a referral note to a Specialist Physician or, if it is the case of an advanced illness, directly for hospital admission. SOS Kids is the generic name for our Paediatric Department, which is intended for children and teens between the ages of 0 to 18. SOS Kids is more than medical care for children with various diseases, being equally focused on the preventive side as well, looking to ensure a normal physical and psychological development of the child. SOS Cardiology is a medical service that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our specialists provide customised plans in order to prevent the occurrence of these diseases or to monitor existing ones. SOS Gynaecology is a medical service that deals with general health care of young and mature women, with a focus on their physiology and prevention of associated disorders. Doctors Visit is a `home visit` medical service intended for children as well as for adults that has brought us a great deal of appreciation from our customers, being created especially for patients that cannot or do not wish to travel to the hospital every time they have a medical problem. In over 12 years of high standard emergency and ambulance services, the SOS Emergency Division has established itself as a reliable and professional emergency medical services provider for SOS patients.
  5. 5. In case of emergency, please call: We will immediately dispatch a team and you will receive help in the shortest time possible. 021 9761 0722 333 000 *SOS (*767 – only in Vodafone network) 0744 323 000
  6. 6. Medical Advice Hotline The SOS Doctors are available 24/7 to offer medical advice on the phone. Call our Medical Hotline 021/212 00 33 to speak with an SOS Doctor, describe your symptoms and receive immediate advice about the proper measures you should take for your condition.   This communication line enables you to go through an interim stage prior to calling for help. If further investigations are needed, the SOS Doctor will schedule a consultation at the clinic or at home. <ul><li>Call SOS HOTLINE when: </li></ul><ul><li>you are not sure if you need medical assistance </li></ul><ul><li>you are not sure whether you should receive a medical ambulance service </li></ul><ul><li>you have questions about treating a minor injury or illness at home </li></ul><ul><li>you need medical information </li></ul><ul><li>Our medical staff is specially trained and can help you determine the right level of care for your problem. </li></ul>
  7. 7. First Aid Courses Upon request, SOS Medical provides first aid courses. These courses are especially designed to educate your company’s staff in the methods of first aid until arrival of ambulance useful. Medical Evacuation SOS Medical can also arrange safe transportation of the patient to a Hospital located in another city or another country In these special circumstances, prior permission from the destination Hospital and from the Doctor who will further treat the patient is mandatory. The SOS Emergency crew will accompany the patient to the destination Hospital and will take all the required measures to prevent any deterioration of the patient’s condition due to the transportation. Family members may also accompany the patient during transportation. If this is not possible, the SOS Doctor will maintain permanent communication, keeping them informed about the patient’s condition and the development of the case. We follow the progress of all our cases and consider them closed when the patients regain their health or are sent back home for convalescence.
  8. 8. We also provide health membership plans, which offer a wide range of solutions to medical problems for yourself, your family or your company* <ul><li>click on each one to see details </li></ul><ul><li>( you will need an internet connection) </li></ul>Membership plans for children Membership for adults Corporate Membership
  9. 9. SOS Medical - Key people
  10. 10. SOS Medical - Key people
  11. 11. 28 Virgil Madgearu Street , Sector 1, Bucharest Emergencies: 021/9761, 0722.333.000, 0744.323.000 *SOS (*767 – Vodafone network only) Medical Hotline: 021/212 00 33 Appointments: 021/212 13 43 Fax: 021/212 00 33 E-mail: SOS Medical Group