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Super Agile Satchel

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This is the presentation I gave at the 2016 AgileDC conference.

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Super Agile Satchel

  1. 1. Super Agile Satchel @andybacon1      | |      | | Andy  Bacon
  2. 2. Kevin Andy  Bacon Gigs  along  my  Agile  journey… Dev  team  member Manager Program  Manager Project  Manager Scrum  Master Product  Owner Team  and  Program-­‐Level  Coach @andybacon1      | | | | Trainer
  3. 3. The  next  45  minutes Genesis  of   the  Super   Agile   Satchel Tools  of  the   trade… what’s  in  the   Satchel  and   why Pull  it  all   together   with   examples
  4. 4. I  hope  you  leave  here  with… • Ideas  for  creating  your  own  facilitation  toolkit • Appreciation  for  color  and  size  of  common  facilitation  tools  (e.g.,  stickies) • Practical  examples  you  can  use  with  your  teams • …and  maybe  a  bit  of  envy  for  the  Super  Agile  Satchel  J
  5. 5. Genesis  of   the  Super   Agile   Satchel
  6. 6. ArtBin Double  Deep   Super  Satchel
  7. 7. Tools  of  the   trade… what’s  in  the   Satchel  and   why
  8. 8. Super  Agile  Satchel  Contents • Sticky  notes • Pens • Sharpies • Markers • Dry  erase  markers • Index  cards • Painter’s  tape • Dry  eraser • Tacks • Scissors • Ruler • Tape  measurer • Mounting  putty • Paper  cutter • Time  timer • Dots • Planning  poker  cards
  9. 9. Pull  it  all   together   with   examples
  10. 10. • asf
  11. 11. Parting  Thoughts… • Be  prepared  with  the  right  supplies • Use  colors,  but  use  them  wisely  (too  many  colors  can  be  confusing) • Use  size  differences,  but  use  them  wisely • Don’t  be  afraid  to  be  creative  and  different  (no  more  blue  tape) • Don’t  be  afraid  to  try  something  new  only  to  tear  it  down  and  start  over • Involve  your  teams  and  ask  for  feedback…remember  it’s  for  them  not  you
  12. 12. Super Agile Satchel @andybacon1      | |      | | Andy  Bacon Thank  you!