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Solar calculator- verify if solar power system is a good investment

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An online solar power calculator is available for consumers to assess how much savings can be gained by just entering their UK postcode.

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Solar calculator- verify if solar power system is a good investment

  1. 1. Solar Calculator- Verify if Solar Power System is a good investment
  2. 2. The UK is geared to become the top renewable energy- producing country in Europe with the country’s boost on solar energy production. The government is aiming to have about 10million households’roofs installed with solar panels in order to push through with their target for full renewable energy by 2020. The government had promoted solar panel installation by offering the Feed-in Tariff or FiT, to pay for generated energy and exported energy to the Grid, guaranteed for 20 years.
  3. 3. There are a lot of companies selling solar panels and their components and IKEA, a Danish-home furnishing retailer had open its doors in the UK to sell solar panels and batteries claiming that they will be able to slash energy bills by as much as 560 pounds annually. The company had teamed up with a UK firm offering a home solar system for only 3000 pounds which are considered a to mark a major turning point for those who want to generate home energy and the burden of the ever- increasing energy prices.
  4. 4. An online solar power calculator is available for consumers to assess how much savings can be gained by just entering their UK postcode. A Google map of the aerial view is brought up by the calculator and several questions are asked concerning the shape, angle, the roof’s sunny side and the rate of occupancy. The last question can be opted out for security reason, of course. The use of batteries is an added bonus for further cost savings since typical UK homes normally consume about 40% of generated electricity and the rest are exported back to the National Grid.
  5. 5. A solar calculator will help costumers decide whether to invest or not in solar panels and batteries since needed information will be provided such as the optimum system size, solar power production, system cost, financial savings, payback period, and environmental benefits. GetSolarPrices is full of information for customers who are interested in going solar and even existing solar system owners who wanted storage solutions. GetSolarPrices cover solar rebates, panel size and cost, Feed-in Tariff, electricity usage and even solar financing.
  6. 6. Having decided that investing in a solar system is right for you; GetSolarPrices will put you in touch with 4 local solar installers who are MSC certified and eligible. These local installers will provide free quotes and all you have to do is to choose the best deal possible and be one of the satisfied customers who want to have a share in helping the environment while saving a lot of energy consumption.
  7. 7. GetSolarPrices offers a 50% saving on solar installs for the month of August, earnings of 650 pounds annually and a 50% savings on electric bills.
  8. 8. More about prices calculator: calculator/