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  1. 1. Exploring theHabits and Attitudes of 21st CenturySuccessHabitudes:#HABITUDESangelamaiers.comPresented byAngela Maiers
  2. 2. 2025What do youanticipate to be theworlds most pressingproblem?
  3. 3. 2025Whatskills/competencieswill be needed tosolve theseproblems?
  4. 4. How doHow doweweteachteach21C21CSkills?Skills?
  5. 5. How doHow doweweKEEPKEEP21C21CSkills?Skills?
  6. 6. “Allchildrenare bornartists . . .thechallenge isto remainan artistas wegrow up.”-Picasso-
  7. 7. Image from Amazon
  8. 8. 98%98%32%32%10%10%2%2%21st Century Skills21st Century SkillsThe Talent CodeThe Talent CodeHarvard Project ZeroHarvard Project Zero
  9. 9. Let’s Do This!!!Let’s Do This!!!
  10. 10. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
  11. 11. Problem SolvingSkills, Habits, Attitudes
  12. 12. •ImaginationImagination•CuriosityCuriosity•Self AwarenessSelf Awareness•PerseverancePerseverance•CourageCourage•AdaptabilityAdaptability
  13. 13. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Self AwarenessSelf AwarenessSelf-awareness isthe ability to thinkand exist inside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously.
  14. 14. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Imagination is thefoundation of allthinking.Without seeing thepossibility,we cannot achieve theoutcome.ImaginationImagination
  15. 15. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Curious brains areCurious brains areactive brains,active brains,and active brainsand active brainsbecome smartbecome smartbrains.brains.CuriosityCuriosity
  16. 16. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008PerseverancePerseverancePerseverance is notPerseverance is notonly the ability toonly the ability toget done what needsget done what needsto be done --to be done --but to continue thebut to continue theeffort no mattereffort no matterwhat.what.
  17. 17. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008CourageCourageSuccess is the by-Success is the by-product of taking risks,product of taking risks,not letting fear hold usnot letting fear hold usback, and taking theback, and taking theplungeplunge
  18. 18. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008The world opens up forThe world opens up foradaptable learners,adaptable learners,approaching each taskapproaching each taskand challenge willing toand challenge willing tobe a a beginner.AdaptabilityAdaptability
  19. 19. 1919
  20. 20. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
  21. 21. 1.1. Who Do You Admire?Who Do You Admire?2. What Trait/CharacteristicWhat Trait/CharacteristicSets Them Apart?Sets Them Apart?
  22. 22. What Habitude Was Their Claim to Fame?
  23. 23. What Makes YouWhat Makes YouA Dream Team Member?A Dream Team Member?
  24. 24. OWN YOUR GENIUSChief Happiness OfficerTony Hsieh
  25. 25. Chief Happiness OfficerTony Hsieh
  26. 26. TextPASSION PROFILE ARCHETYPES:The Builder: Creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, they’re the driving force of obtaining oexpanding an communities presence.The Connector: Srong desire to see both sides of an issue, they are born communicators, adept anegotiation and relationship building.The Conceiver: These “intellectual acrobats” think outside the box, imagine new possibilities ancontribute to innovation.The Creator: The artisans of the organization, their thought patterns are filled with emotion and arwithout limitations. They eagerly address challenges and imagine potential solutions.The Discoverer: Explorers and innovators, they combine logic and linear thinking with intuition and plaways to carry out their discoveries or achieve innovations.The Processor: The sustainers of structure, function and tradition, they create a framework for thorganization by developing processes, analyzing information, and establishing and maintaining qualitstandards.The Transformer: Alchemists and change agents, they identify and embrace possibilities foimprovements in the business, the environment, themselves and others.The Altruist: The humanitarians of the organization, they are on the lookout to raise your organization’profit, while benefiting the world at large.The Healer: With a passion for creating peace where there is turmoil, applying salve to open woundsand mending broken relationships or broken spirits, they passionately sink to the root of any issue.The Teacher: Passionate about new information and ways of viewing the world, create foundation oinstitutional wisdom – the single greatest organizational asset as yet unaccounted for on the balancsheet.
  27. 27. •Name It•Claim It•Sustain It
  28. 28. CourageousInnovativeProblem SolverImaginativeAdaptableCreativeThe Habitudes of Genius
  29. 29. HabitudesUnit of Study:CourageLessons: 15-20 minUnit : 4-6 Weeks
  31. 31. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Habitude #5:Habitude #5:CourageCourageSuccess is the by-Success is the by-product of takingproduct of takingrisks,risks,not letting fear holdnot letting fear holdus back, and takingus back, and takingthe plungethe plunge
  32. 32. HabitudesUnit of Study:Self AwarenessLessons: 15-20 minUnit : 4-6 Weeks
  33. 33. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008Self AwarenessSelf AwarenessSelf-awareness isthe ability to thinkand exist inside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously.
  34. 34. Assessment?
  35. 35. Habitudes Global Book StudyLet’s Keep the Conversation Going!#HABITUDES
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  37. 37. Thank You!The