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Mattering IS the Agenda Keynote

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Mattering is not an event or a day or a month. It is not an item on the agenda. It IS the agenda.

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Mattering IS the Agenda Keynote

  1. 1. Is Mattering The Agenda @angelamaiers #GISDNEO
  3. 3. View Video:
  4. 4. WHY? WHY?WHY? WHY?
  5. 5. 2. Value 1. Notice 3. Essential
  7. 7. Apathetic Disgruntled Weary Bored Disengaged Complacent Depressed dispair 88 % Gallup 2015
  8. 8. February 2016
  9. 9. Mattering Gap
  10. 10. HEART SHARE
  11. 11. “ I have at least one teacher
 who makes me excited
 about the future. ” “At this school I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day. ” “ My teachers make me feel schoolwork is important. ” Hope Wellbeing Engagement
  12. 12. 3.72 2.04 “mattering quotient” 4th 12th
  13. 13. Secure the HEART or you don’t have a shot at their BRAINS OR BUSINESS
  14. 14. OUR Mission
  15. 15. Brittni Darras Colorado Springs ,Colorado
  16. 16. How could somebody say such nice things about me? I did not think that anyone would miss me if I was gone. ” “ -16 year old High School Student-
  17. 17. Brittni Darras Colorado Springs ,Colorado
  18. 18. Do This! Let’s
  19. 19. IT STARTS WITH US!
  20. 20. I matter.
  21. 21. Worthiness is a daily practice
  22. 22. View Video
  23. 23. Conclusions
  24. 24. I would run to school if….
  25. 25. What makes you run to work?
  26. 26. What employees want
  27. 27. Common Sense Commonplace =
  28. 28. Practice of Mattering 2 5 2
  29. 29. HEART-SHARE
  30. 30. World-class service is not simply a matter
 of friendly customer service or
 staff with good manners. 
 Everything that a customer sees,
 hears, or touches impacts the experience— Everything Speaks; Everything Matters. It’s an all encompassing approach and business decision
  32. 32. Practice of Mattering 2 5 2
  33. 33. TWO2
  34. 34. Look at me? Notice me? See me? SAY MY NAME
  35. 35. FIVE5
  36. 36. THE LANGUAGE OF The Language of Mattering I really appreciated when you... The advice you shared.... You made me feel so... Thank you so much for... I highly valued... Your smiles and your... It made my day when.... It was a blessing to have met you... I was impressed by your... I truly valued... I felt ____, until you... What I like about you is your.... I really admire your... I loved when you... I am so thankful that... You have an amazing way of... When you....You’re was exactly what I needed... I’ve been so impressed by your Thank you for... You are a blessing...
  37. 37. Lasting Give Compliments
  38. 38. TWO2
  39. 39. W.O.W. (Worthy of the World)
  40. 40. Be Somebody’s Somebody
  41. 41. Practice of Mattering 2 5 2
  43. 43. TO ME! YOU MATTER @angelamaiers #CHOOSE2MATTER