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The Sandbox Manifesto

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The Rules of the Sandbox are not just for kids. See how playing nice and playing well can serve you in the global sandbox we call the Social Web.

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The Sandbox Manifesto

  1. TheSANDBOXSANDBOX ManifestoPresented by Angela Maiers N„g
  2. Our Goals Today Play as Life Play as Life Changing!
  3. PLAY ROCKS!„g
  4. PlAY-DRIVENPhoto via Google Images:
  5. Solve Co mplex Pro blems rate llaboCo Innovate Create
  6. Manifesto-10th-Anniversary/dp/
  7. ? WHO will be next?Photo Credit
  8. The “SANDBOXERS”Wikipedia Commons: ile:LYS27playground sandbox.JPG
  9. PlAYing by the RULES
  10. the ProsWikipedia Commons Our Community Place Sandbox.jpg
  11. The SANDBOX SANDBOX Manifesto NWikipedia Commons Our Community Place Sandbox.jpg
  12. 1 Sharing is Caring
  13. 2 Messy is Gooood!
  14. 3 IMAGINATIONyour greatest asset
  15. 4 Sand is for filling buckets
  16. 5Hugs Help and Smiles Matter!
  17. 6 Take it to the Community
  18. 7 Strangers are Future Friends
  19. 8Be Remarkable!
  20. Photo- 2445_Facebook_TheImportanceofBeingAwesome.jpg
  21. 9 Here you are the MASTER of your Universe!
  22. 10 PLAY is the Work!shoes-beach-sand-image.jpg
  23. The SANDBOX Manifesto 1 Sharing is Caring 2. Messy is Good3. Imagination is Your Best Asset 4. Sand is for Filling Buckets5. Hugs Help-Smiles Matter 6. Take It To The Community 7. Strangers Are Friends in Waiting 8. Be Remarkable-Nothing Less 9. You are the master of your fate 10. PLAY IS THE WORK!
  24. I hope you had fun exploring! Do not hesitate to connect. I look forward to hearing from you.angelamaiers An!