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​Transforming Education Through Two Words: You Matter.​ AMA ​

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Questions by participants, Answers by Angela Maiers

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​Transforming Education Through Two Words: You Matter.​ AMA ​

  2. 2. Angela Maiers: Leading Change in Education & Enterprise for 31 years. Founder of Choose2Matter. 
  3. 3. Q: What role does social media play in the classroom now? How has it changed education? A: The role social media currently plays in classrooms across the globe varies as greatly as the children and the teachers who occupy these spaces.  I think teachers, like the rest of the world are trying to not only trying to make sense of how SM has changed our world, but also how we share with students that it can change theirs if used in powerful ways.
  4. 4. Q: How did you get into your current role and how have you built your own personal brand? A: I have been sharing my personal brand (my thoughts, ideas, dreams and plans) with the world for over 25 years. I do that in a multitude of ways: speaking, writing, blogging, appearances, podcasts, interviews, live streaming. This commitment, consistency, and resolute conviction about what I see the world can be has let to incredible opportunities to collaborate and move change forward in ways I would have never imagined. 
  5. 5. Q: What are you currently working on and what is your next big project? A: I am working on something epic everyday I wake up. I try to dream audaciously and pursue those dreams even I I know I will never see them come to fruition in my lifetime. Right now that involves a special project with Facebook and a few other companies. I can't share the full details at this point, but I promise you it will be world changing worthy!!! 
  6. 6. Q: Could you mention which of the many issues the education system is suffering from nowadays is the most pressing and the one that need immediate action? A: Without questions or hesitation! Insignificance is the most common ailment of modern times.  The most dangerous thing that cam happen to us as individuals or orgaizations is the feeling that we don't matter. We have the opportunity and obligation everyday to show people  that they opposite is true; that they are and could be needed, valued and recognized by the world, everything would change! 
  7. 7. Q: How would you suggest infusing the YOU Matter concept into the back-offices that ensure our schools are running efficiently? A:  That is a GREAT question!!! I love giving Mattergrams--handwritten or digitally It seems like such a small act, but the impact is profound. My best ideas and strategies come from students.  I challenge you to bring a group of students and share this mission/goal with them. They are filled with ideas and will be your best ambassadors to hold you accountable for making sure every member of your community feels and knows they matter!! 
  8. 8. Q: How important is it to spread the message of “You Matter” and how can schools' communication professionals help spread this message? A: Mattering is as essential to our life, work and well being as food, water shelter and air. We don't simply want to matter; we need to know we do. First and foremost; especially as educators we must embrace this message with understanding and urgency it deserves, and seek to build mattering into our classerooms, schools and communities.  
  9. 9. Q: What new trends do you think will have the most impact on learning in the years ahead? A: I think the most disruptive force impacting learning, life and the world is the impact and urgency of emotion. Emotion drives learning,  Emotion drives communication. Emotion drives every decision we make as consumers, clients, leaders and citizens.   Claiming to take emotion seriously and actually understanding what drives and impacts human emotion and behavior are two different things.   Education should be leading that charge. 
  10. 10. Q: How do you hope your work through "You Matter" will change the learning landscape? A: My greatest hope is that we will take these two words as seriously as our students do. We were created for significance, and for us to perceive that we don’t matter - that we don’t make a difference -  is both dangerous and terrifying. Extensive research shows that the root cause of substance abuse, anxiety, bullying, self-harm and other social ills - perhaps the most pervasive of which is “disengagement”  - is a feeling that we don’t matter. We spends billions of dollars purchasing, and thousands of hours implementing, programs designed to counter these social ills. Yet creating a culture in which everyone knows they matter takes a few thoughtful, intentional minutes each day, and costs nothing.
  11. 11. Q: What do you think of the current state of public education? A: I think that public education is our greatest and best hope for a new world; that said the people defining public education unfortunately are not always the ones on the front line like teachers and school leaders.  It is heartbreaking to see the amount of politics, testing, and unnecessary technologies and programs driving the agenda leaving many teachers behind.  When teachers are allowed to teach not only from their hearts but with their hearts; learning and lives change! 
  12. 12. Q: What are the biggest changes you’re seeing in classrooms with teachers who are using technology? A: Memory; specifically our memories of a time where learning was not epic, where we had limits and boundries, where the word impossible actually existed.  Each and everyone of us born before this truth will wrestle everyday with the potential and profound possibilites that technology affords us; this is why we are so blessed to have our students.  Let them be the model of awe inspired thinking, of audacious dreaming, and fierce wonder.  With that imbedded in these new technologies; the future is limitless!