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Benefits of Green Smoothies Learn more about the benefits of green smoothies.

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Benefits of Green Smoothies

  1. 1. 10 Benefits of Green Smoothies
  2. 2. Do you drink green smoothies? Idrink them almost every morning.Ive found them to be very helpful inmy journey to manage and controlmy massive allergies and overallhealth.
  3. 3. Most of us myself included do not eatenough fruits and vegetables and greensmoothies are a great way to get thosemore fruits and vegetables that weneed.
  4. 4. They are quick, easy and convenient.Yes, really, they are. I will teach youwhat I have learned on how to makesure that they are in future blog postsand videos.
  5. 5. They taste good. Well, Ive made somegreen smoothies that didnt, but again Iwill teach you how to make ones that dotaste good.
  6. 6. Green smoothies are a great alternativeto the juicing craze that youve probablyheard about. While I think juicing isgood, green smoothies are better in myopinion because you actually drinkeverything including the stems, seedsetc.
  7. 7. There are a lot of super powders andseeds such as chia, coca, hemp andmore that taste great and can easily beadded to green smoothies.
  8. 8. Green smoothies can help you get sickless often.
  9. 9. Green smoothies can help people withchronic illnesses to have more energyand less pain.
  10. 10. Green smoothies can provide analternative to drugs for healing.
  11. 11. Eating cooked food all the time is notgood for you and green smoothies are agreat way to get your dosage of rawfood.
  12. 12. Green smoothies can help withallergies and asthma. They have beenhuge for me.