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Spectrum of Wellness with AnnaLaura Learn about AnnaLaura Brown and her business Spectrum of Wellness LLC

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Spectrum of Wellness with AnnaLaura

  1. 1. AnnaLaura Brown Owner Spectrum of Wellness
  2. 2. Who is AnnaLaura? From Northern Utah Lived in Wyoming, Indiana and France Self-Employed Health Coach and Home Based Business Owner Self Employed part-time since August 2006 and in the health and wellness industry since 2011.
  3. 3. Mom was not a big fan of drugs and preferred to give us herbs, vitamins and natural medicine whenever possible
  4. 4. Wanted to be a librarian or teacher from the age of 5 and even circulated books from home to neighbor kids
  5. 5. Diagnosed with asthma around age 8 Diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 5 Had chronic “seasonal” allergies for as long as I can remember
  6. 6. Was on GF/CF diet for years Went to lots of various therapies and took various holistic remedies Worked really well for autism and sensory issues- but…
  7. 7. Coughed almost non-stop 4-5 months of the year
  8. 8. Tried every allergy and asthma drug available both prescription and OTC Some helped, some made things worse and none completely solved my health issues
  9. 9. Tried several herbal solutions and vitamins- these worked better than the drugs but still didn’t completely work.
  10. 10. 2009- selling candles and cosmetics
  11. 11. Met the lady who is now my good friend and business partner. She had started selling essential oils. She had a blend that she told me could help with coughing and respiratory issues. I immediately began trying it.
  12. 12. It helped right away and my coughing decreased.
  13. 13. Did research and found out that milk increases mucus which in turn makes asthma and coughing worse. Quit drinking milk.
  14. 14. I was having chronic back pain. I’d had back pain from time to time before and tried other things but nothing really helped.
  15. 15. I began going to a chiropractor. Not only did this help with my back pain, but the little bit of asthma I still had went away.
  16. 16. I’d been using a variety of essential oils and having good success although I was still sick a lot more than I wanted to be. Was tired a lot Still had unresolved digestive issues Skin rashes
  17. 17. Went to an integrative clinic ALCAT food sensitivity test Had over 70 food sensitivities of varying degrees Began acupuncture and strict elimination diet and then rotation diet GF/CF again
  18. 18. I no longer use an inhaler. I no longer use any drugs. OTC or Prescription I’ve only had an asthma attack once and it was minor. Essential oils, chiropractic and diet have kept my asthma under control. I’m not cured and never will be since you can’t cure asthma but it’s amazing how much better I am.
  19. 19. I have a lot more energy I get sick a lot less I’ll never be able to eat gluten again and I have to be very careful with dairy products My allergies including my seasonal allergies are a lot better. I’m furious about our healthcare system.
  20. 20. Began selling and teaching others about essential oils in July 2011
  21. 21. I’m also a certified health coach with the institute of integrative nutrition.
  22. 22. I specialize in helping people use nutrition and healthy eating to manage, and control the symptoms of allergies, asthma and autism spectrum disorders.
  23. 23. I’m also passionate about helping people learn to use essential oils and natural solutions for cleaning, and skin care instead of chemicals.
  24. 24. Free Wellness Discovery Session 6 month and 9 month one on one coaching programs Help you sort through the confusions around diets and supplements Educate you about how to use essential oils Help you really life a lifestyle of health and wellness Help you have more energy
  25. 25. Annually we spend over 3 billion in health care and yet our health care system is in a major mess Health Care= Sick Care You aren’t going to get real advice and help on healthy eating and nutrition from your doctor
  26. 26. I’ve been there done that and I can help. It’s free for a discovery session. I hate pressure and hype so you won’t get any of that from me. If I really can’t help you, I’ll tell you.
  27. 27. How much longer are you going to suffer and go from pill to pill, or from diet to diet before you finally get some real help? Complete the Wellness Discovery Session Form on this site, or go to