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The ultimate list of healthy eating for autism tips Learn about healthy eating for autism and how to make it a reality. Healthy eating for children with autism made simple.

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The ultimate list of healthy eating for autism tips

  1. 1. The Ultimate List of Healthy Eating for Autism Tips Healthy Eating for Autism Made Simple
  2. 2. Going nuts trying to get your child with an autism spectrum disorder to eat healthy? If so, here are 25 of the best tips for healthy eating for autism to help you.
  3. 3. Start Slowly You can’t expect your child to go from junk food lover to lover of all vegetables in 1 day.
  4. 4. If you decide to try an elimination diet... Only eliminate 1 food at a time.
  5. 5. Be sneaky with vegetables Don’t worry about sneaking vegetables into pancakes, fruit smoothies and other foods your child likes.
  6. 6. Drinking Fruits and Vegetables Have your child try drinking fruits and vegetables. Sometimes this will work when nothing else will.
  7. 7. Try gluten free breads Don’t worry about giving your child an occasional gluten free bread or cookie.
  8. 8. Use pinterest and blogs You can find lots of great recipes there. Check out my simple healthy eating guide with lots of recipes at Or follow my pinterest boards at
  9. 9. Use rewards Bribery and rewards for healthy eating and trying new foods are fine.
  10. 10. Involve the child with the cooking Yes your child can help.
  11. 11. Ask your child what he or she wants to eat Use pictures of foods if necessary.
  12. 12. Accept responsibility for your child’s eating habits Yes you the parent are resonsible, if your child only wants cookies or chips.
  13. 13. Recognize the root cause of health issues Healthy eating or unhealthy eating with a child with autism can be at the root cause of allergies, asthma, digestive issues, behavior troubles and sleep issues plus much more.
  14. 14. Get help from a health coach or nutritionist. Schedule a time to chat with me at
  15. 15. If you fall off the wagon... Just get back on and keep moving on.
  16. 16. Get the support of others.
  17. 17. Look for sales and coupons
  18. 18. Think Simple Meals with 2-4 ingredients are great.
  19. 19. Use a rice cooker and crock pot
  20. 20. No Food Commercials
  21. 21. Find other things to do without food
  22. 22. Teach your child how to cook
  23. 23. Recognize your child’s taste preferences
  24. 24. Plan Ahead.
  25. 25. Consider a Costco or Sams Club Membership
  26. 26. Why? Why are you doing this? This will make it easier for you to keep going when it gets tough.
  27. 27. Need more help? Visit my blog for your free simple healthy eating guide, recipes and more.