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Us bus double deckers Learn about how you can make money renovating and selling double decker buses. Learn how to turn a double decker bus into a RV or Food Truck

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Us bus double deckers

  1. 1. US Bus Double Deckers Funding Pitch
  2. 2. All About Double Decker Buses
  3. 3. RVS Older double decker buses are now being used for conversions to RVs and even B&Bs. We can find suitable buses to be rebuilt and refurbished to make a very unique and attractive summer home or Bed&Breakfast. Some retirees even chose this type of RV as their permanent home. This could be an interesting alternative for retired “snowbirds”.
  4. 4. How we can help you. What will we do for you? We'll help you select the right bus for you We’ll assist you in planning a layout that will suit your needs We will provide customer support and service before start of build, during, and most importantly, after your build out is completed. One of the nicest features of a double-decker bus/home is that they aren’t chained to the same place – not to mention the spectacular views from the top deck! Add even more amenities like a full equipped kitchen, a washing machine, sink, and gas water boiler.
  5. 5. Food Trucks Food Trucks can be customized to sell virtually any type of product, not just food. Think of it as a mobile kitchen or even an office on wheels! These double decker food trucks provide enough room to handle an incredible array of tasks, such as cooking, printing, bar-tending, catering, retail sales, and even playing arcade games! The sky is the limit!
  6. 6. How We Can Help you. What will we do for you? We'll help you select the right bus for your desired operation We'll work with you to ensure your bus will pass all local health and fire codes, and other bylaws valid in your city (county) or future place of operation We will provide customer support and service before start of build, during, and most importantly, after your build out is completed. If the bus will be mobile, we will select and train drivers to operate your bus, if desired We'll equip your bus with with appropriate kitchen gadgets and all the other necessities to start your operation
  7. 7. Why Invest in a Double Decker Bus for a RV or Food Truck? RV Industry: 16 Billion dollars in 2017 in the United States alone and growing quickly Industry is fragmented- there is no one top leader- top 50 companies makeup for 35% of the RV industry Used RVS make up 25% of the industry and double deckers are a great way to create a used RV (stats from Mergent RV industry profile)
  8. 8. Statistics on Food Trucks Food Truck Industry: Over 4,000 food trucks in the United States and growing at nearly 8% each year Food trucks are more popular in some areas than others 12.4% revenue increase over the past 5 years Food truck revolution started in Portland, Austin and LA and has spread to most major cities throughout the United States
  9. 9. Financial Statistics on Food Trucks Annual food truck revenue of over 1.2 billion dollars Annual food truck sales of over 5 billion dollars According to The New York Times, a new food truck costs about $125,000; adding specialized kitchen equipment and enhancements can push the cost up to $250,000. (Depending on your requirements and needs, we can help you get your food truck made from a double decker for less than that) Major franchises are starting to experiment with mobile food truck versions of their restaurants From Restaurant, Food and Beverage Market Research Handbook 2014-2015
  10. 10. Opportunities We offer you the opportunity to purchase one or more double deckers that we will renovate and turn into a RV or Food Truck and sell and then share the profits with you. You can also take a double decker bus and turn it into a living space upstairs and a food truck downstairs so it becomes your home and your business all in one. Or You can purchase a double decker from us that we turn into a RV or Food Truck and you can use it for your business.
  11. 11. Learn more: Visit to learn more and to view even more pictures. We look forward to working with you.