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Greece by Wojtek, PL

  1. Wojciech Szumilak 5c, SP9 Dzierżoniów, Poland Greece, Lakkoma, 5-12 June 2022
  2. the 1st day We arrived in Greece in the evening. The flight was nice and not too long. It was warmer in Greece than in Poland. Hurray!
  3. the 2nd day We went to the school in Lakkoma to meet children from Greece and Spain. We had sport activities and some snacks. After that we went to the Wine museum and we saw the unique corkscrew collection.
  4. the 3rd day We went to Anatolia College and we conducted experiments. After that we went to Noeses Planetarium where we could see the history of computer technology.
  5. the 4th day We went to Vergina to the birthplace of Alexander and the great Macedonian dynasty. Another thing we did that day was a visit at the Aristotle school. In the afternoon we had lunch at local tavern with all the children and teachers.
  6. the 5th day On Thursday we went on the boat trip to Thessaloniki. We visited the city, the White Tower and we went on the bus trip around the city.It was amazing!!! After the trip we went to a restaurant in the city. Later we had some free time.
  7. the 6th day This day we went to the Lakkoma School. Then we had technology lessons and a goodbye ceremony. After that we went to the shopping centre and drove Spanish children to the airport. In the evening we had free time.
  8. the 7th day We spent all day on the beach and swam in the sea or sunbathed. In the evening we went to the shop.
  9. the 8th day We spent half of the day on the beach too and then we packed our suitcases and went to the airport.
  10. It was a great time with Erasmus+ friends! Young Scientists Discover the World June 2022