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Spain by Polish students

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Spain by Polish students

  1. 1. By class 5a, SP9 Dzierżoniów, eTwinning project Twincraft in Science Spain
  2. 2. Flag The Spanish flag has two colours red and yellow. The red color is at the top and bottom of the flag,and yellow between them. To the left of the yellow stripe is the royal emblem surrounded by Hercules'pillars.
  3. 3. Situation and surface Spain is situated on Iberian Peninsula in the south-west of Europe. Its territory also includes two archipelagoes: the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Islands of Spain : Tenerife, Majorca,La Palma,Ibiza, Formentera,Graciosa. Pico del Teide is a volcanic peak located on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).
  4. 4. Majorca Majorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. It is known for its seaside resorts, sheltered bays, limestone mountains and remains from Roman and Moorish times.
  5. 5. La Palma La Palma is one of Spain's Canary Islands and lies off the northwest coast of Africa. The island is rocky and wooded and has volcanoes like the Teneguía and the Cumbre Vieja.
  6. 6. Tenerife Tenerife is the largest island of the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. It is dominated by the Teide, a dormant volcano that is also Spain's highest peak.
  7. 7. River The main rivers of Spain are the Tagus (731 km), Guadiana (778 km), Duero and Guadalquivir (657 km), flowing into the Atlantic, and Ebro (930 km, the longest river in the country), which flows into the Mediterranean. Other rivers flowing into the Mediterranean include: Júcar (498 km), Segura (325 km), Turia (280 km).
  8. 8. Lago de Sanabria Lake Sanabria is one of the largest natural lakes in Spain and the only glacial lake in the country.
  9. 9. Forests The forests of Spain are large and beautiful.
  10. 10. Population About 46.66 million people live in Spain. ● 89.67% Spaniards ● 10.33% others
  11. 11. Capital city Madrid, the capital of Spain, is characterized by elegant boulevards and large, well-kept parks such as the Retiro Park. It is known for its collections of European art such as the Museo del Prado, with works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. The heart of Madrid is the Plaza Mayor with its colonnades. Nearby is the Baroque Palacio Real with its historical collection of weapons.
  12. 12. Plaza Mayor in Madrid
  13. 13. Retiro Park in Madrid
  14. 14. Puerta del Sol The Puerta del Sol (Spanish for "Gate of the Sun") is a public square in Madrid, one of the best known and busiest places in the city.
  15. 15. Mountains The landscapes of Spain vary widely, from desert-like areas to green and fertile areas. In the central part there is a plateau, and on the parts of the coast there are lowlands. In Spain, mountains and highlands dominate, covering almost 90% of the country. Pico del Teide - the highest mountain in Spain, 3718 m above sea level
  16. 16. Vulcano Teide Pico del Teide - a volcanic peak located in Tenerife. This peak, 3718 m above sea level and a height from the bottom of the sea about 7500 meters. It is a typical stratovolcano.
  17. 17. Montserrat mountains in Spain Montserrat is a sandstone mountain that rises abruptly, 1200 meters high, from the hilly hinterland of the Catalan capital Barcelona in Spain. It is part of the mountain range Serralada Prelitoral Catalana.
  18. 18. Ronda Ronda is a beautiful city located on the Andalusian plateau. It is not a big city and you can walk for about 30 minutes, but it is also one of the oldest cities in Spain. It has classic Spanish architecture, with lots of white buildings surrounded by mountains, olive groves and orange trees.
  19. 19. Around the beautiful city of Malaga.
  20. 20. Malaga Malaga is a port city on the southern Spanish Costa del Sol, which is known for its yellow sandy beaches and high-storey hotel complexes. The modern skyline is dominated by two massive hill forts - the Alcazaba and the ruins of the Castillo de Gibralfaro - both built under Moorish rule.
  21. 21. Animals of Spain Wolf Bird - a tit bull bear
  22. 22. The Sagrada Família is a Roman Catholic basilica in Barcelona. The construction of the church designed by Antoni Gaudí in the style of the Modernisme is unfinished. It was begun in 1882 and is due for completion in 2026 on the occasion of Gaudí's 100th anniversary. Sagrada Familia In Barcelona, Spain
  23. 23. Gothic Quarter in Barcelona In the charming Barri Gòtic, the "Gothic Quarter", you will find trendy bars, clubs and Catalan restaurants in narrow medieval streets. The Museu d'Història de Barcelona shows the remains of a Roman city.
  24. 24. Morella Morella is a municipality in the north of the province of Castellón in the Valencian Community in Spain. It is the capital of the comarca Els Ports.
  25. 25. Granada Granada is a city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
  26. 26. National parks There are 15 national parks in Spain: 10 on the Iberian Peninsula, 4 on the Canary Islands and one on the Balearic Islands.
  27. 27. Waterfalls A beautiful, magnificent waterfall with beautiful colorful flowers growing around it.Ordesa Valley in Spain.
  28. 28. heat Over 40 degrees in Spain.In Spain, there is sometimes great heat.
  29. 29. Food Gazpacho Gazpacho or Gazpacho is a southern Spanish and Portuguese soup made from uncooked vegetables. She comes from Andalusia and the Algarve. In German, the Spanish spelling with z is common, but mostly with Germanized pronunciation of the z as s-sound.
  30. 30. Croquettes A Spanish plate of croquetas can be found in almost every restaurant or bar, each according to their own recipe - sometimes secret - combining ingredients such as jamon (cured ham)
  31. 31. Spanish tortilla The Spanish omelette is another favorite Spanish dish - and everyone has an opinion on how to cook it.
  32. 32. Pisto This vegetarian best Spanish dish is for all ages, eaten in Spain as a tapa, side dish, meat addition, and even as a meal with a fried egg on top or chorizo.
  33. 33. Paella The Spanish dish includes rice, which has a yellow colour, tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers, oil and water are added.
  34. 34. Curiosities 1. The name of the country Spain is derived from the word Ispania, which means Land of the Rabbits. 2. Spanish is listed in the top five most-used languages in the world. 3. The Spaniards brought to Europe, among others: potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, cocoa, and corn. 4. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Its share in this market is as much as 44 percent. 5. The full name of the famous painter Pablo Picasso is: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paul Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.
  35. 35. Twincraft in Science Class 5a, SP 9 Dzierżoniów, Poland