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ssd vs hdd infographic

Want to get a best Computer Upgrade??
Learn from the Infographic crafted to explain core difference between SSD and HDD....

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ssd vs hdd infographic

  1. 1. HDD SSD VS Explained for Consumers UNDERSTANDING GENERALLY 10,000 OR 15,000 RPM SAS DRIVES
  2. 2. ACCESSIBILITY Virtually SSDs display no access time SSDs deliver 0.1 ms HDDs deliver 5.5 – 8.0 ms
  3. 3. RANDOM PERFORMANCE SSDs are considered 15 times faster than HDDs SSDs produce 6000io/s HDDs manage to produce 400io/s
  4. 4. RELIABILITY SSDs are 10 times more reliable than HDDS SSDs failure rate is less than HDDs failure rate is more than 2% 0.5%
  5. 5. ENERGY SAVING ABILITY SSDs consumption rate is between HDDs consumption rate is between 6–15 watts 2–5 watts Around 100 watts are saved on large servers
  6. 6. PROCESSOR/CPU POWER For other operations, you will get an extra 6% of Processor power HDDs average I/O wait is 1% SSDs average I/O wait is 7%
  7. 7. INPUT & OUTPUT REQUESTING TIME SSDs take 20 ms For I/O Request Time HDDs take 400-500 ms For I/O Request Time SSDs are capable to provide much faster data access
  8. 8. BACKUP RATE SSDs provide 3-5 times faster backups for data HDDs backup time 20-24 Hours SSDs backup time 6 Hours
  9. 9. PRICE DIFFERENCE HDD prices are way too cheaper than SSD! SSDsHDDs
  10. 10. Infographic by: Memory4Less :1-800-821-3354 Thank You