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Magazine Advertising

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about Magazine ads..

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Magazine Advertising

  1. 1. Submitted by Anshula Garg Student of MA(Journalism & Mass Communication) Magazine Advertising
  2. 2. Advertising It is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. It is the cost effective way to disseminate messages,
  3. 3. Different types of Advertising Media Types Print Newspa per Magazin e Trade Journal Technic al Journal Periodic als Outdoor Direct Mail Broadca st Transit Other Forms
  4. 4. Magazine Advertising  Magazine advertising is the ads that people see placed throughout publications.  Starting up or maintaining a magazine is dependent on a few factors, but one of the most important is advertising.  Ad sales can make or break a publication, and nearly all magazines depend on the revenue generated by their advertisers to stay in business.  The Pennsylvania Gazette, started in 1729 by Benjamin Franklin, was the first magazine
  5. 5. Essential Elements of Effective Magazine Advertising Simplicity is Key  The worst print ads are the ones that use up every single bit of white space in the ad.  It may be painful, knowing how much the ad is costing you, to leave some of it blank, but it helps build contrast and gives your message room to “breathe.”  Keep fonts reader-friendly (NOT ALL CAPS), and only use one or two fonts in the ad.  The same goes for accent colors; sometimes, more is just noisy and distracting in an already
  6. 6. Essential Elements of Effective Magazine Advertising Use Balance to Please the Eye  In advertising, balance comes from arranging the weight of the ad – the graphic elements – so that the eye isn’t hit with something that looks like it might fall off the page.  It distracts from the message.  Centering elements isn’t always a clear winner, either; most people are more drawn to ads that feature all elements
  7. 7. Essential Elements of Effective Magazine Advertising Inspire Action  Advertising is meaningless without a call to action.  Lure readers in with simplicity, balance and a clear message, but then ask them to visit a website or call a phone number for more information.  This is the part where QR codes that people can scan with their smart phones can stand alone as a call to action. Those little irresistible squares just beg for a web site visit, which also makes it
  8. 8. Some Other Elements of Effective Magazine Advertising Text  Head text  Brand logo  Product image  Human model image
  9. 9. Types of Magazine Ads
  10. 10. Reasons To Advertise In Magazines  Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention: The focused process of magazine reading leads to less media multi-tasking, ensuring single-minded attention to advertising.  Magazine advertising is targeted: Magazines engage readers in very personal ways. There’s a magazine for every passion and a passion for every magazine. Use magazines to reach your target audience in a meaningful way — a way in which Specialty TV just can’t compare. Plus magazine readers reach the affluent, those with disposable income to buy advertised brands.  Magazine advertising is relevant and welcomed: Consumers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are
  11. 11. Reasons To Advertise In Magazines  Magazines are credible: Consumers trust magazines so much that they are the leading sources of information that readers recommend by word-of-mouth to others.  Magazines offer a lasting message: Ads keep working 24/7. They provide a lasting, durable message with time to study a brand’s benefits. Consumers clip and save magazine ads for future reference.  Magazine advertising enhances Return On Investment: Allocating more ad dollars to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising Return On Investment.  Magazines sell: Study after study prove that
  12. 12. Reasons To Advertise In Magazines  Magazines deliver brand relevant imagery: Magazine editorial fills ads with brand relevant imagery, associations and a frame of reference that delivers greater reader receptivity to brand ads.  Magazine advertising drives web searches and visits: Magazines are where consumers go for ideas and inspiration. That’s why magazine ads are leading influencers, driving readers to advertiser websites and to start a search.  Magazines drive the purchase funnel: Magazines are effective across all stages of the purchase funnel, especially brand favourability and purchase consideration, the most sought after metrics that are
  13. 13. Purchase Funnel
  14. 14. Reasons To Advertise In Magazines Message Impact Audience Interest Repeated Exposure Value/Cost Kept for long time Enhancement in Quality
  15. 15. Things to consider before purchasing any ad space  What's the magazine's circulation?  What are the demographics of the readers?  What do their ad rates look like? Are the higher, lower or about the same that you are currently paying?  Are they offering any “introductory” advertising deals?  How are they going to distribute the magazine? Through dealers, subscribers, web based, etc?
  16. 16. Things to consider before purchasing any ad space  Are they paid subscribers or are they free issues going out to “qualified” subscribers?  How did they qualify or obtain these subscribers?  How many issues are they going to distribute?  Are they going to be offering the magazine as a web publication?  Do they want you to pay up front? If they do, don't.
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