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Richards anthony video feedback

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Richards anthony video feedback

  1. 1. A2 Coursework – Media Texts Name: RICHARDS Anthony There is evidence of proficiency in the use of most of the technical skills. Music Video Footage: Good use of camera, with good variety of shots, mostly in focus. Good use of framing. Some good use of mise-en-scene (especially the use of locations/performance). Use of found footage works well. Editing: Video is edited to beat with good actions to beat. Good use of transitions that link with song and visuals. Footage has been edited well, found footage has been edited to black and white effectively. Overall: Good video which meets the conventions of the genre. Good attention to visuals to maintain audience interest. Narrative is clear, with a good performance from actor. Ancillary Task 1: Digipak Evidence of excellence in the creative use of most of the technical skills. Front cover is good with clear understanding of layout. Back cover shows awareness of design conventions. Inside covers show effective creativity. Clear theme shown throughout design, very good manipulation of images. Ancillary Task 2: Advert Evidence of excellence in the creative use of most of the technical skills. Clear design and great image with excellent manipulation shown. Good variety of font with excellent awareness of layout and design. Simple, elegant design. Good addition of new album and previous albums on advert. Video: 30/40 Level 3 Ancillary Task 1: 9/10 Level Ancillary Task 2: 10/10 Level Total 49/60