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Wp amazon

Marketing Amazon Affiliate with Wordpress

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Wp amazon

  1. 1. De Graduate! Just Released A PresentationPsst. I use the “secret formula” from Dechen’sTrain the Trainer certification… to produce this presentation!
  2. 2. Mastermind Live Training!Marketing Amazon Affiliate Store with WordPress!
  3. 3. • Overview: WordPress is a dynamic software that can be utilized by Amazon associates in many different ways. But generally speaking, there are two categories of how you would want to use WordPress for Amazon affiliate marketing: – as an affiliate marketer wanting to run Amazon online stores – as a blogger wanting to monetize blog with Amazon products ads Problems: Don’t know Tools and Niche Ideas
  4. 4. PersonalSeasonal Trend Interest
  5. 5. Go to :
  6. 6. ConclusionKnow the Got the Tools Ideas Register as Amazon Associates AND Set-up Store using Wordpress
  7. 7. I’d kindly like to have your feedback.•Have you learned anything?•Is it worth the price and time?•Do you like the content?•Would you recommend this to a friend? Your honest review is much appreciated.
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