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TADHack 2015 webinar Oracle Comms & Optare

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We ran a webinar on Oracle’s developer resources on Thursday 23rd April at 7AM US West Coast / 10AM US East Coast / 3PM UK / 4PM Central European Time, with their partner Optare.

Here are the Oracle developer resources. The line up of capabilities to play with include:

- WebRTC: Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller JavaScript application programming interface (API) that supports multimedia and data stream communications in multiple platforms running under multiple protocols.
- Payment: RESTful Payment interface to charge an amount to an end-user’s account using Diameter, refund amounts to that account, and split charge amounts among multiple end-users. Applications can also reserve amounts, reserve additional amounts, charge against the reservation or release the reservation.
- Messaging: RESTful Short Messaging interface to send an SMS, a ringtone, or a logo, to fetch SMSes and delivery status reports; and to start and stop a notification.
- Location: RESTful Terminal Location interface to get a location for an individual terminal or a group of terminals; to get the distance of the terminal from a specific location; and to start and stop notifications, based on geographic location or on a periodic interval.

And of course support should you have any questions.

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TADHack 2015 webinar Oracle Comms & Optare

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. Add easily telecom services to your APP
  3. 3. Messaging
  4. 4. Payment
  5. 5. Location
  6. 6. WebRTC: Add audio and video to your app or web
  7. 7. Sample WebRTC App
  8. 8. <script src=""></script> <button onclick="TogetherJS(this); return false;">Start</button> Add the JavaScript snippet Add the HTML button
  9. 9. Industry- standard SIP servlet, media control, Java EE, and IMS
  10. 10. SIPp for testing basic functionality
  11. 11. @SipServlet public class B2bTerminatorServlet extends SipServlet { ... @Override protected void doInvite(SipServletRequest req) throws ServletException, IOException { B2buaHelper b2b = req.getB2buaHelper(); SipServletRequest other = b2b.createRequest(req, true, null); copyContent(req, other); other.send(); log("Initial Invite! " + req.getHeader("Cseq")); } ... } Example SipServlet
  12. 12. Example SIP POJO @SipServlet public class FooPOJO { @Invite public void incomingCall(SipServletRequest request) { //... } @Bye public void disconnectCall(SipServletResponse response) { //... } } JSR-359
  13. 13. Sample SIP-Server App