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MSA East Zone Media Kit 2011

This is a media kit complete with a cover page, press release, and background information for the Muslim Student Association's 2011 East Zone Conference.

Although the work was produced in my public relations course, the press release was also published for the organization here:

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MSA East Zone Media Kit 2011

  1. 1. Media KitMuslim Student Association National: East Zone Conference 2011
  2. 2.   P.O. Box 13930    Fairlawn, OH 44334    Phone‐ 508‐737‐9530  Press Release    After 10 years, MSA National Returns to Boston    The Spiritual Activist: Fulfilling a Life of Purpose    BOSTON, Mass. — The Muslim Student Association East Zone Conference is coming to Boston after 10 years. The conference is a weekend‐long affair packed with opportunities for students of all faiths to interact and network with one another.   “Boston hasnt really seen exposure to big Islamic conferences so it will definitely bring awareness throughout and some media attention as well,” says Amal Shariff, finance chair.  Coming to Boston will help MSA National reach the large Muslim student population in the metro area. Students from schools such as Boston University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Simmons College, Northeastern University, and Suffolk University plan to attend the event.   Shariff goes on to say, “East Zone is known to have the largest attendance rate out of all the zonal conferences.”   The conference will take place at the Boston Marriott in Cambridge April 1 through April 3. Rooms at the hotel have been filled with residents from all over the east coast.   The Boston organizing committee is working with enthusiastic students who hope to raise awareness about the Muslim community in a positive and innovative way.   Over the span of three days, the conference will include keynote speakers on subjects relating to this years theme, “The Spiritual Activist: Fulfilling a Life of Purpose.”    ­END­           
  3. 3. Background The MSA East Zone Conference is an Islamic conference gearedtowards uniting college students across North America. MSA National is a non-profit organization that has been serving Muslim students during their college anduniversity careers since 1963. MSA National puts a strong emphasis on thelearning and well-being of students and the continued networking and growth ofeach chapter. The East Zone is known to receive the largest attendance out of the threezonal conferences (east, west, and central). The conference had about 600attendees in Atlanta last year, and about 800 the year before in Philadelphia. Theconference is now returning to Boston after 10 years, when it was held at MIT. This year’s theme is, “The Spiritual Activist: Fulfilling a Life of Purpose.” The goals of the conference are: help Muslim student organizations toimplement Islamic programs and projects, mobilize and coordinate the humanand material resources of Muslim student organizations, and educate, mobilize,and empower students. ( The following are confirmed guest speakers: • Habib Umar • Wisam Sharieff • Altaf Husain • Khalid Latif • Faisal Matadar • Shaykh Abdul Nasser • Mohammed Lazzouni • Shaykh Suhail Laher • Shaykh Abdul Bary Yahya The following entertainers will be performing: • Boonaa Mohammed There will also be a basketball tournament and shopping bazaar for thoseinterested. For those traveling, the Marriott will be providing a discounted rate of $99a night on a first come first serve basis. To guarantee a spot, book your roomusing the code “msamsaa” by March 11. Food will not be provided, but there areplenty of restaurants in and around the hotel. This years Boston organizing committee includes: • Nida Shuttari, BU, Conference Chair • Zoya Saeed, Suffolk, Vice-Conference Chair • Amal Shariff, NEU, Finance Chair • Zubair Magdum, MCPHS, Programs Chair Feel free to send questions or concerns to