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Domestic staff welfare in Shriram Spurthi Apartments, Bangalore

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Dr Arundathi Gadwe from Shriram Spurthi mentioned how they started doing various health initiatives such as regular health checks and cancer awareness camp. The complex also does health sessions like regular yoga sessions and healthy posture camps for domestic staff.

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Domestic staff welfare in Shriram Spurthi Apartments, Bangalore

  1. 1. SHRIRAM SPURTHI APARTMENTS, BANGALORE Presented for ADDA Rise High Awards 2018 Domestic Staff Welfare Initiatives
  2. 2. HEALTH INITIATIVES ➢ Healthy Body ➢ Regular Health Check up ➢ Blood Tests ➢ General Physician Consultation ➢ Cervical Cancer Screening ➢ Healthy Posture ➢ Consultation and Demonstration by Medical Expert ➢ Cancer Awareness ➢ Breast Cancer And Throat Cancer Awareness ➢ Preventive Measures through Videos ➢ Interactive Sessions with Medical Practitioners ➢ Healthy Mind ➢ Interactive Sessions and Videos on Stress Management by Psychiatrists. ➢ Simple Yoga , Pranayama and Meditation Sessions
  3. 3. FINANCIAL INITIATIVES ➢ Financial Basics ➢ Interactive Sessions with Videos ➢ Saving and Insurance ➢ Personalised Help for Opening ➢Bank Accounts ➢Health Insurance Schemes ➢ Loans ➢ Education on Loan from ➢Bank ➢Money Lenders
  4. 4. BONDING INITIATIVES ➢ Women’s Day Celebration with Domestic Staff ➢ Fun Games ➢ Yearly Twice Lunch with Staff ➢ Haldi Kumkum in Month of Shravan
  5. 5. Real Smiles ☺
  6. 6. It is just a Beginning…