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Platforms, Cloud-Native Architectures, and APIs: Chicago Adapt or Die Keynote

  1. Accelerate our point of view! ! Participate in the massive cloud market
  2. 2016
  3. Amazing Year
  4. Our customers
  5. Partners
  6. Products
  7. Get started quickly with business APIs
 API Product Accelerators Commerce APIx Health APIx Open Banking APIx Identity APIx
  8. Pivotal Cloud Foundry | Amazon Web Services
 Microsoft Azure | Google Cloud Platform
 Multi Cloud
  9. Edge Microgateway for API Management
 Hybrid Cloud
  10. Sense for Bot Detection
 Bot Prevention
  11. BUSINESS SPIKES – NO PROBLEM ALWAYS ON API availability Peak API traffic per sec 99.999% 50,000+ Availability zones 24 Transactions/Day 1B+ Regions 8 Dial Tone
  12. Products API Product Accelerators Multi Cloud Hybrid Cloud Bot Prevention Dial Tone Two factor authentication Self Service SSL Encrypted KVM Unified experience New developer portal Spec hub: new doc store for space Autoscaling Automated private cloud release aligned with public cloud Nginx Deployment standard node apps on Apigee cloud Monitoring for private cloud Shared flows and flow hooks Monetization: enterprise onboarding, B2B chargebacks
  13. ADAPT
 ! What?
  14. 1.6B+ users
  15. $1.2B+ assets
  16. $1B+ valuation
  17. $1B+annual revenue from new digital businesses
 (three year averages ) DIGITAL LAGGARDS (Bottom 25% of Enterprises) DIGITAL LEADERS (Top 25% of Enterprises) Gross margin
 37% 55% Earnings before taxes 11% 16% Net income 7% 11% SOURCE: The Digital Business Divide: Analyzing the operating impact of digital transformation. ! Harvard Business School. Sept. 2016
  19. ADAPT! ! How?
  20. ©2016 Apigee Corp. All Rights Reserved. Business Models! ! Architecture
  21. [Platform] Business Models
  22. Nexus Open Interaction A nexus of rules and architecture Is open, allowing ! regulated participation Promotes (positive) interaction ! among partners in a multi-sided market Scales faster than a pipeline business because it does not bear the cost of external production Scale A Platform . . . Source: Platform Revolution ! Marshall Van Alstyne, Professor at Boston University
  23. ©2016 Apigee Corp. All Rights Reserved. Network Effects! Leverage! Non-Linear Growth! Ecosystems 25
  25. OLD will not get you the NEW
  26. ©2016 Apigee Corp. All Rights Reserved. Data! Developers! Users! Network Effects
  27. DEVELOPERS API API TEAM APP BACKEND USERS Data Recommendations Optimization Prediction Knows what I like e.g. music, movies .... Knows my usage history e.g. driving, energy … Helps me make smart decisions e.g. financial, health …
  28. Developers Scale & Speed Risk-free innovation Discovery More developers ! worldwide App Store: Failures cost you nothing, ! take 30% profits of successes Fast follow, acquire, acqui-hire
  29. Users Communicate Collaborate & Learn Product Managers Frictionless interaction friends and family Gamers and gamers, runners and runners User review and rating, support groups
  31. PRODUCT Subsystem Suppliers Component Suppliers Raw Materials Suppliers Traditional Business Models PRODUCTS
  32. PLATFORM Developers Internal Products Developers Partners and Open Data Data Platform Business Models
  33. 35 2012
  34. 36 2016 33% ecommerce growth 28.9% EBITDA growth
  35. Architecture
  36. A cloud native architecture needs to deliver . . .! ! Fast Cycle Time
  37. A cloud native architecture needs to . . .! ! Scale
  38. A cloud native architecture needs to enable . . .! ! A New Breed of Apps !
  39. ©2016 Apigee Corp. All Rights Reserved. Fast Cycle Time! Scale! New Breed of Apps! Cloud Native Architecture
  40. 42 When it became a mobile and connected world, we had to adopt from a product-centric focus to a connection of data and a people-centric focus. ” “ Shawn Gilmour, Autodesk
  41. Business Models! ! Architecture
  42. Moving Forward
  43. API Portfolio APIs as Service APIs as Product APIs as Ecosystem Microservices capabilities Adoption Network effects
  44. Deliver 
 Hybrid Multi Cloud Deliver on current Edge Roadmap
 (incl. AWS and on premises) Establish Edge 
 on Google Cloud Deliver Synergies with Google Cloud Priorities
  45. Start walking the pathStart running the path SPEED MATTERS
  46. Thank you 48
  47. Gary Hallgren William Morris Jay Dettling Associate CIO, Cleveland Clinic  President, Arity ! (founded by Allstate) Managing Director John Calagaz CTO Centralite Systems