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GSMA Mobile Connect: The Convenient Alternative to Passwords that Protects Customer Privacy

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Unlock simple and secure access to online services with Mobile Identity

With the increase in regular access to digital services, remembering multiple login details or completing lengthy registration forms are leading to frustrating customer experiences and anxiety about online privacy and security. Learn how the mobile ecosystem can offer a simple and convenient digital identity solution, providing secure access on any device.

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GSMA Mobile Connect: The Convenient Alternative to Passwords that Protects Customer Privacy

  1. 1. Mobile Connect The convenient alternative to passwords that protects customer privacy 9th September 2014 | Marie Austenaa
  2. 2. Marie Austenaa GSMA VP & Head, Personal Data & Mobile Identity Programme Kevin Flores Verizon Lead Product Manager, Internet Services Ken Figueredo David Andrzejek Apigee Telecommunications GTM & Big Data
  3. 3. Passwords are a broken access mechanism, damaging consumer trust and threatening revenues
  4. 4. Consumers are increasingly concerned about online privacy Orange’s ‘Future of Digital Trust’ survey 78% 78% of mobile phone of mobile phone users users said that it’s hard to trust companies when it comes to the way they use consumers’ personal data. felt that service providers hold too much information about consumer behaviour and preferences.
  5. 5. Benefits for Online Service Providers and Developers Less frustration for your end-users – fewer dropped logins Consistent user experience – delivers trust, with built in privacy Fewer fake accounts – it has to be a real person behind the phone Future-ready platform – will extend into context and rich user attributes Single API to reach all participating Operators, reduces complexity and costs Consistent service reaching a global user base on any device
  6. 6. Global reach Experience of secure customer data management Strong privacy protection regulation Network authentication mechanisms Secure SIMs Trusted by consumers “Know your customer” Billing and payments expertise / history Operators are the ideal partners for mobile authentication & identity services
  7. 7. We are making fast progress… Mobile Connect launched at Mobile World Congress in March 2014 Mobile Connect solution agreed with 10 Lead Operators in April 2014 Beta service launched in Asia in June 2014 Ongoing deployments or feasibility studies in most major markets across the world Currently testing the market in North America
  8. 8. In summary For the consumer, Mobile Connect means no more problems remembering passwords whilst giving them more control over the sharing of their personal information For Service Providers, Mobile Connect offers a simple way of achieving higher conversion rates, at lower costs, whilst securing a new source of super rich personal data
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