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The carrot and heuristic - The big problem with bigdata

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I believe that there is a problem with technology and data that we really have to take more time to consider – the fact that both create an abstract context that can lead people to do the most ridiculous things (including killing people – yes it’s that serious). Paying attention to the psychology of the abstract, perception and cultural memes will make our ideas and technologies more effective and efficient and much more appealing to the public and our customers.

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The carrot and heuristic - The big problem with bigdata

  1. 1. The Carrot and Heuristic ..the big problem with big data Scott D. McArthur
  2. 2. …reading
  3. 3. ...Denmark
  4. 4. Milgram …the power of authority …and the dangers of abstraction
  5. 5. Win , win, win
  6. 6. ..big “The Devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.”
  7. 7. Detail
  8. 8. The distinction between correlation and causation
  9. 9. From: Spurious Correlations website
  10. 10. From: Spurious Correlations website
  11. 11. From: Spurious Correlations website
  12. 12. From: Spurious Correlations website
  13. 13. "All models are wrong; some models are useful". George Box
  14. 14. Why does all this happen?
  15. 15. Heuristics are mental shortcuts that ease decision making
  16. 16. ...Denmark
  17. 17. Perfect storm
  18. 18. Professor Teddy Hall Archaeometry “ being a detective, looking for clues with the hope of confirming or uncovering reality…”
  19. 19. Consequences
  20. 20. “Imagine how much harder physics would be if electrons had feelings!”
  21. 21. Big Data + Behaviour Science = Magic
  22. 22. Birhan Woldu 400,000
  23. 23. ”Imagine how much more effective big data would be if we remember that people have feelings!”