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Product delivery gets easier with delivery date scheduler

Know the brand new features of magento 2 delivery date scheduler and how it helps businesses to be more transparent and provide better customer services.

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Product delivery gets easier with delivery date scheduler

  1. 1. Product Delivery Gets Easier with Delivery Date Scheduler Having your own business means being on your toes the whole day. From taking decisions, serving customers, to taking care of your employees. It all takes up a lot of time, effort, and energy. One of the biggest issues that we have seen in ecommerce is delivery issues. Customers often complain about this, and if the delivery service is not to their expectations or bad then you are very likely to lose them. Over the years, many businesses have worked on their customer service and delivery issues to retain customers and provide timely deliveries. Looking at all these issues of ecommerce companies, we came up with your one stop solution i.e. Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension. There are a lot of ecommerce businesses that use our extension and lessen their burden of delivery. It has given customers an ease to select their preferred delivery date. Additionally, it helps businesses to send their delivery agents on the specified date and save up time and unnecessary back and forth.
  2. 2. Let’s see a quick brief of the remarkable existing features of Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension: 1. Same day delivery: From the backend, admin can configure and set same day delivery option. If enabled, customers can ask for the same day delivery and you can set pricing for that as well as limit per day delivery. It allows businesses to define their additional cost for same day delivery and limit per day delivery intakes. Thus depending on the count they can decide the delivery date and move forward. 2. Track orders: Using Magento 2 order delivery date, the backed admin gets all detailed reports about deliveries, to-be delivered products, return orders, and more. Additionally, admin can keep track of orders that are out for deliveries. They can know the exact location of the product so if customers enquire about their orders you can let them know details. 3. Display extension on product page and checkout: To make your customer select the particular date for delivery it is important to make sure that customers can see this feature. Considering this situation, we made sure that Magento 2 Delivery date extension displays on the product page as well as on the checkout page. This makes it easier for customers to select their preferred date for delivery. 4. Manage delivery date, time, delivery quota, and more: From the backend, admin can configure delivery time, set limit for same day delivery, show working days, specify range of dates when you are not working, and more. Once all these things are configured, your customer can see them and place orders accordingly. This helps both you and your customers in placing orders and delivering it.
  3. 3. Looking at all the ways our extension is helping businesses be more transparent and serve their customers better, our research team came up with more ways we can help. This led to us adding more features to Magento 2 Delivery date extension. Let’s see them in detail and understand how it will help businesses serve more: ● Select particular time slot: Customers were already providing specific dates for their delivery. Now, along with selecting the date customers can select a particular time for the delivery. This gives them more transparency over when they need their parcel delivered. Just imagine, your customer is expecting delivery tomorrow but doesn’t know the specific time it will arrive. They have further appointments to attend or go somewhere. This makes it difficult for them to leave the place until the order arrives or they have to keep calling the delivery person and know where their order has reached and when it will arrive. To avoid all this chaos, with a time slot, now your customers can select the particular time they want delivery along with day and date. This decreases all the back and forth, saves time of customers and your delivery personnel as well. ● Send email reminders to customer about delivery: Create email templates, configure it from the backend, and send your customers email reminders about their deliveries. This will ensure that the customer is available at the delivery location, in case they have forgotten, or they even have the liberty to change the delivery date if required. Email reminders are also for the delivery staff so they are always updated regarding upcoming deliveries, changes in the time of delivery and more. This ensures that they are able to work effectively and there are no missed deliveries or miscommunication.
  4. 4. ● Customer configurations: Just imagine, your customers need to go somewhere last minute and they can’t receive the delivery. How will they reach out to you? This can become difficult. Now your customers can easily edit or update the delivery date and time according to their need. This will help your customers to get deliveries according to their need and even enhances your company’s reputation of great customer service. ● Admin level configurations: If there are certain products that need to be restocked and customers have given in order for it then, admin can make the necessary changes in the delivery date and time from the backend. This will help them to get the best out for your customers and you as well. Wrapping it up: Our ​Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension has helped many companies serve their customers in the right way. Ecommerce stores are highly popular and competitive. There are not many things that you can do to stand out from the crowd. Therefore you can get ahead of the curve by making sure you have something extra which makes your customers come back to your store. Original Blog: te-scheduler/